Can Anyone Else Really Fix My Unhealthy Desires?

Looking to the outside world for better desires when compromised is risky business. I’m open to further exploitation by Mind Predators, especially the ones hiding under a cloak of light.

Within my search for salvation was a popular world offering many ways and techniques to help achieve a steady heaven or righteousness. Quite naturally, in all the hype, I latched onto whatever I could as I was so desperate at the time. But after a good taste-test, I only took things seriously for a moment (a couple of years) before eventually giving up and going the other away.

When condensing what I had learnt from these general spiritual/religious/mindful intakes down to a couple of lines, here are the underpinning messages from at least a hundred stories:

“Lee, suppress your feelings and desires by replacing them with this ritual and these words. Feel it. It’s great, right? Now, don’t you want more of this reward and to be accepted by everyone?”

Along with…

“Try shifting over to the left or right, or anywhere other than where you are right now, so you can make room for our new cleaner desire.”

“Also, if you have no luck in changing your desires for the better or healthier road, then you must add EXTRA force to reform them, while gracefully pretending you hadn’t.”

Eventually it became all too much, trying to hold my facade together while I felt deeper issues pressing behind. I was only changing other people’s perceptions of my desires by forcefully suppressing my old ways in front of them. Implementing someone else’s success without ever going further into the process wasn’t working for me. After one last attempt to straighten up using the conventional ropes on offer, I lost confidence realising that I’m truly, psychologically all alone in this world.

People Would Say…

“Lee, put your desires onto a symbol or famous person as it should help you find your way. Whether they are dead or alive, it doesn’t matter, so long as a good track record lays intact. And most importantly, so that everyone can see the NEW YOU.”

“Please, look at and acknowledge all the positives in this person or from that drawing, so you too can become a copy and follow whatever behaviour or trait this special/sacred image, person, or dead person projects. Lee, life will become better as your bad desires are now magically gone, with new tamed ones in place.”

And… Voila! Here I was instantly reborn, now congratulated for having changed my desires forever.

“Well done and welcome to a new life, Lee!” Though, it was said with far more glorification in the storyline.

But the hard fact was, my little devil was only gone from the surface of my mind at that moment and still had a steady pulse below. If anything, he’s grown much stronger today. Hell, if you can’t get rid of him completely, make him as strong as you possibly can in a full-spectrum sense.

Ultimately, I worked out that this type of fixing or righteousness was an ideal road not suited for me. It was too big of a leap from the ‘fact about me’ to the ‘non-fact reborn image lightyears away from me’. If that makes sense.