The Focus Complex

My world said that if I don’t focus properly, I won’t achieve my objective. But what did they mean by ‘properly’? Was it so that I process detailed knowledge along a specific line in order to gain strength? While also maintaining STRICT behaviour to keep the activation alive and steady?

Yet the times I did try and stay focussed, I was far from contained. In most cases, I’d hear the sound of a clock ticking louder and louder as if something annoying tore straight thru my barricade and entered my zone. And it wasn’t the actual steady ticks that I knew while sitting in a small quiet room with one hanging above. Rather, this noise was electrified by a negative charge that turned into an impatient type of running commentary that stirred up my mind.

In my weakened focus zone, I now had these monkey-mind voices who kept picking at me and questioning my stay. One tense thought after another from them kept penetrating and challenging my every move of trying to stay focussed. Naturally, it wasn’t long before I got super impatient which weakened the zone even more.

As soon as one message got through, that was it. Come one, come all. Anything else could easily slip in and destroy my ability to maintain focus.

The usual noise from these Uninvited Guests would consist of:

Top Three Monkey-Mind Demands
  1. How long have we got left here in this hole?
  2. This is boring and sux! I wonder what such-and-such is doing right now.
  3. If only I had done things differently, earlier.

Also, an overflow from influences in the days or weeks before, i.e., from a TV show, a news event, social dilemma or a desired product or service, could all drift in making the split in the border much, much bigger while the zone became very weak.