The World of Thought as an Invisible Force

Now because ‘thought’ plays a huge role in my life, is a regular place I’m troubled from, and my attempt to fix things using my non-troubled side would always fail or be too short-lived, it was only logical that I delve deeper into its nature. Otherwise, I could stay and continue the shenanigans on the … Read more

Simple vs Complex Projecting

Welcome to the backstage of my invisible world run by my Psychological Operating System. Here I edit and make enhancements to my inner world. To begin, let’s look at the workload involved and break it down from there. Mental Slides Projecting is my primary mental activity, and sometimes I feel as though this process carries … Read more

Beliefs & Faith

To suggest I don’t believe it would be foolish. Any act of counter-belief pressing on my senses affects me just as much as pro-belief, and in waves I feel superior.

Ending the Illusion

Once riddled with silly thinking, my mind is finally a much healthier, happier version of itself, thank God for that. Although, if I’m honest, sometimes I feel like I’m STILL sweating out my previous beliefs and illusions, which shows just how powerful they once were. When Reality Served Back a Dose, I Joined the Resistance … Read more

What’s a Thought?

Think of it this way: Stories comprehensively describe the images etched onto the film and include my emotional responses in finer detail. But the focus now is on how it all got there, the substance along with the roll, container, and all the other bits and pieces. Coming from a theatrical/story dimension: My thoughts are … Read more