The Impact of Belief on Karma & Vice Versa

When letting go of the addictive words and symbols I cherished became easier, there’s no doubt my behaviour shifted for the better. By the way, such a change didn’t come from other thoughts enforcing the release, which is actually redirecting my attention by mental force very briefly, but by clearly understanding the nature of Complex Thinking. Furthermore, I now understand why Belief operates with greater efficiency inside the conventional mind, in the Herd’s head.

You see, when managed, the normal-thinking person’s investment into ideas must allow them enough room or space to operate productively as they’re not so wound up in the background, either entangled in abstractions or caught up by distractions. They are successfully conditioned into a surface-layer dimension, or general band of thinking, which ultimately means smoother waves of sensation on a graciously smaller mental map. So how could they possibly go wrong, right?

Whereas we, in the minority on the other odd end of the spectrum, tend to overstretch ourselves when attempting to fit into this frame. We inherit different challenges that are a bit more extreme and that no one seriously wants to help out with, let alone acknowledge the deeper nature of.

Perhaps Traditional Belief is solely meant for the Herd’s needs, as these guys obviously run the show from within a cleaner environment. Download the instructions from peers, let built-in wiring optimise the reward and punishment quotas, and he or she is usually right to perform activities in life. They’ll apply this feature to the world with greater efficiency than the odd person can.

Then there is another network we humans have to work alongside with, or a feedback system set by external reality that returns information based on our activity, being either good or bad value coming back at us, which we know as karma. Do good, get good, etc.

Complexities in the Karmic Equation

If our beliefs are built on a good foundation, this should reflect accordingly in the value being returned inside the reaction to our activity from reality. On the other hand, if our beliefs are reinforced on a bad foundation, this too should reflect accordingly, albeit in a negative way, in the value being returned. The world responds to us either positively or negatively from the way we’ve acted while under the influence of our beliefs. Right? Well, not always straight away, as some humans have found a temporary workaround, which I find absolutely fascinating.

You would think the same rules must apply to everyone when dealing with the effects of Belief-Driven Activity in the real world, regardless of any sensitivity issue going on upstairs. Put simply, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, no matter who I am, what mind I hold, or what my thoughts tell me. Right? This is what I would like to find out.

I feel that in the smaller scope of things, there is a hack to postpone the charge of an opposite reaction. While in the bigger picture, I believe the consequences of an action that stems from a person’s belief should inevitably impact all the influencing minds that enabled the event to occur, serving karma both immediately and long-term across the network to all players involved. The energy is dispersed, but not always in a way we understand. Perhaps if an individual has passed on, any karmic debt gets forwarded to the living lineage. In the end, we live in a universe where mathematical rules never let us down (except near those weirdhole things that suck on Time and Space), and the numbers eventually add up.

If I’m right, there has to be a greater merit system quietly operating in the background keeping tabs on all of us, one that also prevents negative karma from immediately balancing out for certain types of what we might call ‘bad behaviour’, especially that coming from the sneakiest of people, which I’ve often wondered how they keep getting away with stuff and being rewarded generously instead. It seems we live near a black hole, so to speak. Some people have crafted the power of persuasion to achieve their goals through other people they have more or less hypnotised, offsetting any bad karma to them, while keeping the good karma for themselves.

A popular example of this is Mainstream Media Corporations and their friends cashing in on people’s weaknesses and emotions by serving inflammatory content day-in and day-out, which causes a vulnerable audience to act in certain ways. While countless viewers get angrier and more stressed day after day, the corporate fat cats get rich from ever-growing ratings and the cash that comes from increased advertising revenues selling things like fast foods and snake oil. Unless the vulnerable have outstanding past life transgressions, which then turns ‘exploitation’ into ‘challenge’.

The truth be told, If I were one of them who didn’t bother knowing if there was any greater merit system quietly operating, I too would simply craft my way through life while other people take the fall for things that they don’t completely see or understand. In my manipulation, I’ll extract the positive in life through any number of vulnerable or challenge-worthy Hosts, and channel the negative in life back onto them so my path is clear. Without a care it will go straight back onto those who conduct themselves under the direction of my thoughts. Therefore, if I’m clever enough and manage to spread the numbers out efficiently, I believe that I may also avoid detection and negative consequences indefinitely. I’ll jump over the burning pit as it approaches and push all others in!

The Rippling Effects of Our Actions

The point of all this is, if I live life operating from unwholesome beliefs and put important facts aside, or if I craft my thoughts onto others in the aim of manipulating them for means of careless energy gathering and collateral damage, there will be consequences to pay. Needless to say, this holds true for even the best-of-the-best managers of belief, who will still land themselves in trouble when messing with the system in the long term.

A build-up of ignorance causes a chain of reactions to occur, and these will hit someone somewhere down the track. Whether it is in this lifetime or another, this cost will be picked up and with interest, as life always has a way of balancing itself out. This dynamic can clearly be seen in the Sci-Tech boom over the years, which has now made it easier for us humans to pass the buck at the end of the day, thinking that our children will handle the backlog of life’s byproducts under an always fresh flow of innovation that will either dissolve it or take the brunt of it.

Although, I’m starting to see our 21st-century technological escalation as ‘contamination’, where too many signals have bombarded a community of minds made vulnerable through the neglect of psychological strengthening, and not keeping other aspects strong.

Upcoming Science & Technology will eventually fix our problems, so let’s put it on the tab and move on.

But like a storm or drought where the conditions start from thousands of miles away, flipsides are inevitable and they will pop up anywhere, anytime. They’ll get past our gadgets and hacks as nature always finds a way to serve back our ignorance. Or at least from my small take on things it certainly does.

Unless the best-of-the-best know a trick or two on how to solidly pass the buck to someone else’s children who will appreciate the challenge in the long run. If so, we should team up. (In a way, the West has done this to the East through colonialism, and soon their children’s strength will kick our kids’ butt across to third-world living.) Otherwise, we need to realise that our actions bring consequences, no matter what mind we have or what beliefs we embrace.