A Hidden Order

Now I would say luckily, but it’s more like by some hidden feature in reality unlocked (an energy or entity lending a helping hand in the background) that my day was saved, and I landed with two feet firmly on the ground. At least, more firmly than before. A gross distaste for human direction at the deeper level somehow cleared the path for unseen influences to further guide me towards a better life. It’s an aspect I’ve found hard to put into words, which is why I kept it to myself over the years.

In short, and in archaic terms, I speak of the disembodied. Or, in modern-day parlance, this is somewhat explained as an odd series of transmissions that come from another wavelength or dimension. Admittedly, it’s a grey area in general. Which also means, quite often, it’s a mood changer and conversation killer when spoken about because no one wants to hear such nonsense without any solid proof. However, this form of influence I kept to myself was a primary source of guidance that I had no choice but to further allow into my life.

The word Mindless strengthened only by recognising something totally out of this world and not trying to explain it to people. Its sacredness came from keeping it quiet and depolarised.

My god doesn’t have a name, although I often call him by many names since I can’t take the idea of him too seriously, or else his stronger influence turns weak. As for an inner voice on my shoulder and any guidance I get from it, that’s a different story. I take those messages seriously, including the ones that tell me not to get emotional when responding to hidden messages, thereby overriding the seriousness in a way. Otherwise, a static name means very little to me. My god in the traditional sense is just an invisible symbol that I talk to the moment there’s a problem or else when something good happens and I feel the need to give thanks to life.

If I want a particular event to occur or not, I may find myself in conversation with this authoritative image to try and make it so. But only the most prominent and pressing issues created the conditions for a more enriched monologue to take place between myself and an invisible helper. There was much more depth involved, along with discipline required in my response.

As for God in the traditional sense, I believe that no one needs to be controlled, manipulated, exploited, or even killed in the name of a three-letter word which makes for a powerfully inflated idea. My focus is on the direction provided by deeper influences rather than any mental Altar bunkered down at the top of my mind.

Although, if I were to give a fair description of who or what God could be, I would include the total package of him being everything and nothing. Or I’d say he is the sum of all the parts, physically and mentally, but just as important he is minus all those parts as well, the space inside and outside an idea. At least that way I’d take the weight off the cogs of my identification system upstairs that says he or it must be personified and reinforced inside an idea. And we all know what happens when personification comes into play. Polarisation and its complexities follow…

So I go the extra mile. I avoid the internal processing within that’s prone to get caught up in habits of worshipping, attacking, and defending the idea or ideal against others in an energy-leeching complex, as mentioned in the Mindware Setup section. Thus, anything that my mind produces next will surely hold more value.

It’s only when I say who or what my god is, and allow the idea of a higher power to inflate, that problems follow in my more-ish mind. I radicalise and become an extremist of symbols and meaning.