Understanding My Thoughts

Thoughts, in general, cover all my psychological activity, like binary in the computer world. At first, it can be the original slide, an unprocessed, factual memory. But then internal functions process my history onto a blank canvas, creating a refined, enhanced projection. And now my processed memory, i.e. the refinement/potential/projection, is also thought. « Previous … Read more

What Are the Products & Byproducts of My Thoughts?

The Products run smoothly in this order: PLAYING/REPLAYING my thoughts will cause a SENSATION, registering as a good or bad emotion (or somewhere in between). This reaction then creates DIRECTION in my mind which goes on to produce ACTION in the real world (on a good day), and thus my idea ends or gets released … Read more

The Sensation & Meaning That Comes With Thinking

Similar thoughts affect people differently, which means it’s all a matter of perspective. For example, when I have an experience in life, the relative memories that arise and hit the spot for me (delivering pleasure or fear) might not do so for others, who share less sensation during the same or equivalent type of encounter. … Read more

What Takes Place Below the Story?

There are many colours, textures, depths, etc., in the visual objects contained inside my thoughts. I also possess the other non-visual senses; audio, smell, taste, and touch, which all finely blend-in and without too much fuss. But when I strip away at the background and concentrate my energy on defining objects, or defining the familiar … Read more

Our Bipolar World

So what more can be said? Other than that I live the polarised life on a bipolar rock, same as everyone else. I am, and always have been, at the mercy of these unstoppable packets of influence bouncing me to-and-from each end of the living spectrum. That being: I’m drawn towards something + and I … Read more