Impact of Belief

When it comes to religion, I have never been a believer in the traditional sense, which I always thought was a good thing. However, when it comes to other areas in life, it seems I have developed some entrenched beliefs over the years by leeching onto various outlandish future-driven rewards. Today, I’m well aware of … Read more

Changing My Ways

After getting wound up in the wrong business, I decided enough was enough. Yet it took a miracle to pull myself out of a destructive way of living and move closer to the light. This section reveals how my newly found insights, on both thoughts and beliefs, enabled me to find a smoother path to … Read more

Paving the Way to a Turbulent Lifestyle

To rationalise my bad behaviour, I need to go back in time to look at a few common influences that we all shared. Keep in mind, as a Highly Sensitive Person (living a Hypersensitive Existence), I react differently from others when it comes to foods, heavier metals, and refinements in my environment, let alone all … Read more

End of the Line Part 2

Digging My Way Back Out In over my head, I fell nightmarishly ill in early 2010. No doubt, it was deserving because of the choices I made spanning over a lifetime that called for it. In short and on the backend, I was doped up for toying around with the system. While on the front … Read more

Sweet Blindness Part 2

Waking From the Slumber To put it simply, I chose to travel the heavier, unconscious path earlier in my life. And from my limited perspective at the time I would see hope, glamour and beauty amid great, often catastrophic changes about to happen in my ordinary world. This is how out of touch or balance … Read more