A Concept:
The Birthing of Something New

I used to get ideas and concepts mixed up all the time, but I can now show you the difference from my somewhat enlightened perspective. I do this by comparing the construction of our thoughts to the creation of physical life that carries properties across each generation.

Do concepts have a bloodline and lineage? In a way, they do.

A concept gives off a sense of ‘roots’, a deeper meaning than just what is apparent at the surface. When I perceive something conceptually, it means there’s something enticing deep within that given thing, and I dig below to understand why. I’m trying to uncover the many processes that give life to a concept by looking into the evolution of ancestral thoughts that have led to this very moment.

Concept Lineage Chart

Nature Symbolising a Concept

  • Title of a concept (flower/fruit) – This is the finished product, or the NEW main point with colour, flavour, and aroma. The idea is clearly on display.
  • Aspect of a concept (surrounding foliage/leaves) – Also a display item, relative ideas give enriched insights and more information than simply the title.
  • Nature of a concept (stem/trunk) – This is the preceding strong body of ideas that did the ‘hard yards’ earlier. The nature of a concept is focussed on ‘structure’ rather than ‘display’, which creates the conditions necessary to allow the aspects and title to thrive.
  • Comprehensive Lineage Content of a concept (spread out in the roots) – This is the in-depth or full family history of a concept. It is the blood, sweat, and tears that started everything in the earlier ages, i.e., the building blocks and harder yards from generations past.

Like a living plant, a concept can be seen as a dynamic force, taking in energy and in turn creating a finished product. At its base, it contains a foundation or makeup formed from a series of generational ideas. These ideas are taken and turned into the potential for a birthing towards the top or at the title level. A new concept, like a newborn tree, comes into the world with full specs of lineage from ancestral thoughts that evolved over time. As such, new concepts come from older relatives.

In the end, concepts, like trees, need plenty of space to grow and thrive. The limiting energies of wild ideals and beliefs (weeds) must be kept away. Otherwise, I open up the possibility of distortion taking over any time I make a belief out of parts of a concept or the concept as a whole. Nature is super simple when you don’t have a mind always complicating the heck out of things with too many pathways and emotions. 🌱