Restoring Unity to My Divided State

How does one end the negative effects of a super pickle? You must go ‘all-in’ with the Universe.

Instead of continuing my usual shenanigans and claustrophobia with this robe alteration or cloaking business that started in 2013, in early 2015 I made changes after a big dose of Ayahuasca, which gave me a two-hour peak (that felt like a much longer timeframe) and also a sneak peek into the outskirts of life through another layer. Seriously, the effects were so full-on that it was life-changing, as I went completely out of this world. Not only did I think I was not going to come back to reality, but from this point forward, I started questioning the very nature of reality itself. What is reality, really? Other than a big mix of sensation that leaves a twisty-turny, massive storyline in its wake.

By the way, severe Time Compression Fields are not for the faint-hearted (and neither is the taste of Ayahuasca, mind you), but they absolutely deliver the finest results when you up the ante. The experience was quite different from the previous weekend’s dose of 70% less which felt more recreational. I believe the real help I received from the Universe only arrived by going beyond recreational use. In my case, getting a taste of being uncomfortably stuck in infinity was a tough one to swallow, but it did wonders for me in the long run.

From here (except I’m now in a totally different state of ‘here’), I would look after both my body AND the outside world as if they were one (and not separate as I had been led to believe). Furthermore, I realised I needed to treat this as a full-time job, rather than stay the usual part-timer, giving it the time and attention it truly deserves. I began taking care of both my intakes AND outgoings while ignoring what nearly everyone else had to say on the matter who looked at me as backwards along my journey.

I came from a divided world that likes staying the way it is, and it didn’t want to see me go. Except I had no choice in the matter and moved on anyway.

Between then and now, wow! What an unbelievable shift, especially to my onlookers. Also, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve settled on a fairer middle-ground for my destructive traits to wreak havoc on. That is, neither too much nor too little death and destruction.

For the first time ever, my inner and outer worlds that were light-years apart began to merge. Two extreme versions of me were slowly becoming one much more balanced version.

Next, let’s head over to the kitchen for something a little lighter and greener. 🥦