The Negative Force

Invisible forces control my life as I cycle from comfort to discomfort while feeling occasional bursts of spontaneity. Dear universe, please help me flow this energy and not be so needy.

My Pleasure

It is now my pleasure to introduce to you my thoughts on Pleasure. Or technically, my thoughts on the Magnetic Field of Attraction. Otherwise, it’s sometimes referred to as the Without or Anti Gravity Playing Field as one can simply float away by using the physical or psychological fruits of this world. On the other … Read more

Expectation vs Spontaneity

Now that I have a firm understanding of pleasure, there is another feeling worth exploring, one that is beyond this world and found only in a spontaneous moment. In this section, I compare pleasure up against joy, a stronger field that is HOME to Spontaneity. No one ever speaks about this topic much, or if … Read more

How Do I Deal With Fear?

My fears generally start from a relationship breakdown or challenge, which includes a lack of quality information or understanding, or it may start from a sudden surprise. Either way, any type of tension turns into fear-fuel for me to carry around. Because I have felt the weight of fear in life, I now aim to … Read more

How Do I Deal With General Pain?

Like any sane person, I try to avoid pain at all times. However, life is not always in my control and nature smacks me now and then, whether I want to call it that or not. Today, I can only do my best to deal with pain and not immediately jump to pain relief medicines, … Read more