My Understanding of the ‘Mind’

Lastly, as for what I’ve learnt so far, I still have a way to go in terms of unravelling the multidimensional nature of the human mind. Let me show you where I’m at with this.

The first dimension features an inner experiencer or a conscious agent that feels pressure from the space around it. My current understanding is that an observer of space cannot be made of the same space. Just like a knife can’t cut itself or a flame can’t burn itself. But, as with all things lately, this perception might evolve down the track as soon as some other revelation comes to light. For now, let’s call this mysterious space the primary ‘mind’ aspect.

The next dimension is the Operating System, Functions, Utilities & Record-Keeping, all rolled into one, that a conscious agent gets interfaced through. This biological computer allows a human perception of space, which we now refer to as complex life. I can concretely say that this is the well-known ‘brain’ aspect, and this time there’s physical evidence proving its existence. Whereas, the ‘mind’ aspect can only be described by contrast.

Together, I have a mind-brain combo that I simply call a mind nowadays.

I know it is all supposed to be the one unit, but seeing this distinction has helped improve my life by harnessing the energy of another type of space since my brain was so corrupted. And although the origin of my understanding, insight or meaning continues as a relatively unknown space, or at least a greyish area, there is now one thing that’s for sure:

I cannot rely on my thoughts as the key to unlocking life’s potential.

As a Highly Sensitive Person in a general minded world (a highly stimulating ‘one-way forward’ moving environment), I’m driven to increase pressure and reduce the value of what is in front of me by overusing my memory, especially with words like ‘better’ and ‘greater’. If anything, my thinking needs to slow right down before any qualities come to light.

Like what you’ve installed on your psyche so far? Are you enjoying Mindless 2.0 Philosophy? With your help, we can turn the world Mindless one mind at a time.