My Thought Map

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What Lies Ahead

As with any journey, sometimes it can be all too easy to get turned around or lose track of where you are while exploring the Mindless path. Since maps are the best way to keep from getting lost, I have mapped out the site here, making it easy to see where you are, where you’ve been, and what lies ahead. Hopefully this page will help you keep track of the progress you have made, while also showing just how close to the finish line you really are. Here’s wishing you the happiest journey into the Mindless 2.0 world!

The Way to the Next Level of Understanding Both Reality & Unreality Is Upon Us

The unreal mirror reflection

Once upon a time, the Universe struck an odd man with an odd challenge. Unable to connect back to his older ways because of this challenge, he had to find the light in a troubled word (Mindless) and share it with those around him.


I suppose you were just casually clicking on links as per usual, minding your own business, looking for something interesting or worthwhile to consume. Then somehow, you stumbled upon a strange website offering a special backward view on life, and it goes against everything you’ve known. The tour will give you an overview of the site, revealing why it’s here and what it has to offer, and some of the ways it might just change your life.


Hi, I’m Lee, the creator of this website and the keeper of some odd thoughts. I’m glad you are here and ready to tap into this hidden network housed within a silly name. I mean… What better place to hide a network, right? Let’s explore the nature of Lessing together and discover its limitless, life changing potential.


Look around… There is always someone telling us to be mindful. But for those who struggle with being ever-mindful, we may need to apply a Level 2 filter. Fortunately, the following pages have all the tools needed to get that Level 2 filter installed.


Ushering in a deeper way of thinking and understanding comes with fresh terminology. Not only that, but some of the more traditional terms have been upgraded to 2.0 for your convenience. Learn the Mindless ABCs…


Sometimes the best way to ‘refine my vision’ is to discard or let go of the many thoughts that get stuck at the surface. Though it often feels weird at first because I’m so attached to them. This ‘Main’ section covers the most crucial aspects of my psychology, now that all the priming has been done. Get ready to see even more things in your mind, and ultimately have your psyche tinkered with.

📍My Thoughts

My Thinking Structure

In order to better understand my psychology we must first explore my thinking structure and discover existing patterns and habits. Next, we’ll examine how my thoughts are responsible for the different states of mind I enter. Finally, we’ll unravel a deeper understanding of ‘understanding things in general’ to make everything flow better.

📍Mastering My Attention

Most people are very aware of their physical whereabouts at any given time of day. However, very few know where they are mentally. Our mental location, also known as ‘attention’, is what defines who we are. Only by mastering our attention can we begin to take charge of our mind, and thus our lives, in any real and meaningful way. The following pages offer all the insights and tools needed to master your attention, thus enabling you to regain control of your world.

📍Top-Level Sensations

Although seemingly separate, the truth of the matter is that a person’s physical senses play a hugely significant role in their overall state of mind. Only by understanding the impact of sensations on desire, willpower and focus can anyone truly gain control of their inner world. These pages reveal the true nature of sensations, as well as the ways to free your mind from the prison of the pain/pleasure dichotomy.

📍Personal Challenges

Odd mind out

A general minded person will usually fit into society without a problem. But a highly sensitive minded person, on the other hand, may find it challenging. Which one are you?

📍My Internal Universe

The Innerverse

The axiom ‘as above, so below’ goes a long way to explaining many of the patterns in life. However, you could also say ‘as it is outside, so it is inside’. The simple truth is that everyone has an entire inner universe whose will extends onto the external universe we all live in. And this inner universe has its own laws of physics, space and time, all of which govern our inner realities. This section examines just how different internal time and space can be, and how those differences impact our day-to-day lives.


Here’s where things stand today after updraging to Level 2: No longer am I tied up in bad habits anymore, thanks to Mindlessing running through my veins. Fortunately, I’ve managed to free up a lot of space in my mind and now run with these much better habits. On top, my communication skills have greatly improved, and therefore, my relationships in general have strengthened. Unfortunately, I am left watching as bad habits continue to grip those around me. This only makes me more determined to affect as much change as I can.