If you have ever downloaded computer software of any kind, including apps, games, or updates, you know that there is a set of preliminary tasks that need to be performed before the installation begins. Software for the mind is no different. Before you can start downloading a new program, update, or operating system for your mind you have to prepare your mental hard drive for the software it’s about to receive.

This beginner section is designed to prepare your mind for the full installation of Mindless software (aka Mindware) contained in this site. Starting with an overview on the concept of Lessing, you will be gently prepped with some basic terms and ideas that will enable the full download to take hold. Next, some insights into the background and origins of The Mindless Life will offer a broader understanding of the overall theme of this site.

The final stage of this setup process will be a deep dive into the core concept of Mindlessness itself. Once this phase is complete you will be fully prepared for everything that you encounter from this point on. So get ready to prime your mind for a new Mindware package that will completely transform your life, and optimise your mental performance in a backward, Mindless way.