Applying the Update

No doubt, one should be mindful in life, in terms of being aware. But, what exactly is Mindful made of and what are the consequences?

How far do we go in Mindfulling ourselves up?

Mindfulling – What Is It?

Being Mindful, while in a sense, Mindlessly Aware can complement one another, even though each represents a different layer. ‘Mindfulling’ is a simple way of stabilising  one heavier idea or a group of them,  by using force from  other opposite ideas  that produce lighter sensations thru an interchange. And also, coupling in, is a soft range of external inputs; sight touch taste sound and smell, in music, aromas, rainbows, and herbs, etc., which is obviously purposeful and can settle me down.

My Minds Mental Health Clinic refines and replays pleasant thoughts from my memory when called upon, and attention shifts away from the clutter or unpleasant ones. All While, I add in outside factors for extra cushion.

And, if what serves up doesn’t work out too well, then I’ll keep refining my imagery until I find something that does. In fact, I won’t stop until I get the job done by calling for extra positive reinforcements to come in and help out.

Mindfulness or Mindfulling is about shifting my state of mind thru both a programmed (auto) and a conscious (manual) effort to stabilise. In total, this helps to create/manufacture space around me for when things get too much.

The Injection

As my medicine kicks in, I feel relaxed. Subtle movements have now relocated my attention away from the pressure, and it was exactly what I wanted. Finally, after a massive build-up of undesirable thinking, I’m in a state  where I no longer care about time,  which was always my end goal. Pressures instead suppress by rerouting my energy into blanketing positive sensation, and what a relief that is.

Remember: Time in mindless slang = The repetitive haunts of Yesterday and an overwhelming worry of Tomorrow that fills my mind.

Time can be a serious pain in the butt!

Instant Meditation

Whether it is a dark warm cosy space or a bright, colourful rainforest that helps with the transition from a dense experience to sparse, it doesn’t matter. It’s whatever takes my mind off-the-clock that turns into my holy saviour, my meditation. Being mindful is to counter my faster or heavier thinking thru a regular program or ritual to help bring balance into life, however temporary that change is.

You see, within each successful transaction, I convert stress by rerouting pressure from one end of my mind, to the next. From awakening the positives that were incubating behind the scenes, by my habit of 1) searching the archives/history from a demand, 2) refine/photoshop my results, and 3) project the new scene with attention-grabbing taste (positive imagination), I’d use these sensations to cover the heat. I can’t say to blow my fire out entirely because, in reality, things inevitably came back to bite.

This whole time, I was Mindfooling myself. I augmented my psychology every day!

From anxiety, I’d find my way to serenity; keeping that space alive for a short while. Or only until reality surfaced, in which case it always did when the value from my thoughts dried up, and I’d lose my trancelike state. So, after profoundly seeing this process, it was made clear that it would now be in my very best interest to reduce or optimise this cycle. Thus, today, I deal with my fluctuations lightly between fragments or state contrasts, instead of always diving head-first into Mindfulness, like usual.

I now manage my psychological cause and effect at the deeper layer and with minimal effort. I don’t swing hard on the positives during the start of each cycle.

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