The Breakdown

Mindfulling – What a word. If you’re scared, please don’t be. We can work through it! Let’s break it down:

Mind = Above optimal pressure from unwanted thoughts popping up. Or a series of condensed thinking containing Yesterday and Tomorrow, as all do.

ful/fulling = My Mind’s Mental Health Clinic. A supply of counter-movements stabilises pressure and acts as a relief valve. In a session or ritual, I reverse the senses with positive reinforcement and create temporary space. ‘Ful’ implies both programmed and conscious management — An auto day-to-day and manual on-demand, service.

I once abused my clinic and suppressed my problems all the time. But now I only visit when things get too much.

Being Mindful is the makings of an Inhouse Pressure Management System. It is a way for me to quieten down using a series of pleasantries that dislodges my attention from the clutter. Mindful also blends-in outside forces, such as touch, music, taste, aroma’s, along with, the most common: other people’s positive thoughts or instructions on how to interchange and inflate my unreality towards a calm, peaceful space.

Therefore, the Mindful World takes happy parts of my memory or our collective memory. It refines and livens them up into softer and sweeter projections, so my attention jumps the border into another state with a new scene.

Congrats! the Mindful-Ware Component Is Now Updated.

Too easy, yeah?

Next, I explain the map used to get here. It all started with a messy scrapbook and resistance from nearly everyone who’d see me as backwards (now flipped! 🙃).

How does one map out their cogs?

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