Transforming My Time (With the Help of Space)

Through my habit of pulling in a lighter or floatier space as a temporary shield, I had simultaneously pushed the dense sense of Time away. That is, all my haunts and annoyances were no longer heard or seen with my mind’s eye. However, it was always only until life served them back in another round. Except, then it was dealt from a slightly stronger hand each time, compounding even more weight than before into my state of mind.

Unfortunately, by cushioning myself into another relaxed state or lighter region where Time was neither felt, heard, or taken seriously since my attention was basically stoned or in another world, it meant I had created a new breeding ground for attachments to thrive. I waved the magic wand and blew glitter in-between my problems, but as always, they would reappear soon after. Not only that, but my life felt increasingly difficult to deal with since I was so weakened by my life-long mental exhaustion, or the hangovers I got from overusing or abusing the medicine of my mind, which is too much artificial Space and serene Time.

Who would have guessed that Time and Space were so entwined into one another, such team players?

Zooming-In on Time

In the above case when I said that Time was neither felt, heard or taken seriously, being in a positive frame instead, it might sound like I’m describing what could be considered the Timeless, but I’m not and here’s why…

Positive Time Dependency: This state of positively charging time (to the point of my attention being stoned) is actually my discreet tendency to ignore and cover up what the haunts of Time are telling me. Therefore, I use and exploit the positive side of Time to press against or suppress the negative side of Time affliction.

Rather than being Timeless, this is in fact Timefull, as I am adding more time rather than taking time away. Even though Positive Time cancels out the charge of Negative Time, it’s still more time being added. Therefore, my problems are still there, they are just buried beneath an ever-increasing amount of Time.

Unless one is Time savvy at the core, all this may be hard to understand, especially at first glance. Fortunately, Time has its own section on this site that explains everything I have understood so far. I more or less detail Time in systems, subsystems and variants, and I tell how each plays out in me. So rest assured, you will be quite an expert by the time you reach the end of this website.