The Breakdown

Mindfulling – What a word! Let’s take a moment to break down what we have learned so far:

Mind | ful • Components

Mind = Experiencing anything that is above optimal pressure from unwanted thoughts gaining centre stage. The word arises as thinking produces negative emotions that cause stress.

ful/fulling = My Mind’s Mental Health Clinic. A supply of mental counter-movements stabilises any higher pressure, thereby acting as a relief valve. In a session or ritual, I reverse the negative sensations with positive reinforcement, thereby creating a temporary, artificial space. ‘Ful’ implies both the programmed and conscious management of aiding thought, which is an automatic day-to-day and manual on-demand service.

I once abused my clinic and suppressed my problems all the time. But now, I only visit when things get too much.

Being Mindful is the makings of an Inhouse Pressure Management System. It is a way for me to settle down using a series of escalating pleasantries that dislodges my attention away from irritabilities. Mindful also blends in outside forces such as touch, music, taste, aromas, along with the most common force, other people’s positive thoughts or instructions on how to interchange my state of mind, inflating my unreality with opposite sensations so that I perceive a calm and peaceful setting.

Therefore, the Mindful World locates and uses happy parts of my memory, or of our collective memory. It then refines and livens them up into more desirable projections, so that my attention jumps the border into another state with a new scene. Being Mindful itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s when you become reliant or addicted to the Mindfulling process that things can become toxic (toxic positivity), especially for those operating with a Highly Sensitive Mind.

The Mindful-Ware Component Is Now Updated.


Too easy, right? Next we’ll learn the Mindless ABCs in the Vocabulary Centre. I have listed a number of terms used throughout this site with updated definitions to help cater to the new 2.0 way.

Like what you’ve installed on your psyche so far? Are you enjoying Mindless 2.0 Philosophy? With your help, we can turn the world Mindless one mind at a time.