The Mindful Act

Mindless Vs Mindful
Is Mindfulling for me? Being Mindful?
Sure, it gets me there, all spacey… But only for so long as reality always snaps back!
Is there a way to strengthen this aspect to suit my particular cogs?

Mindful – Disc 1

This section covers the traditional aspects of ‘mindful’, creating and holding spaces, along with pleasure & fear. It also includes the pros and cons of traditional mindfulling.

Mindful – Disc 2

After exploring the nature of mindfulness, I tweaked the system to suit my particular cogs. I now react more conservatively to my mind’s Mentals Health Clinic which gives me greater freedom overall.

Tutorial: How to Recycle My Thoughts…

The Scrapbook

First, add barely-readable content or written diarrhea. Next, walk far, far away & cross your fingers… (don’t bug anyone, they’ll think you’re nuts)

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