The ‘Mindful Act’ Update

Being Mindful is to live with greater consideration towards both ourselves and others. It also helps us to slow down and gain clarity when things get too much to handle.

But is Mindfulling for me? That is, being ‘completely Mindful’ using the conventional method handed down by our peers?

Sure, it gets me there, all spacey and relaxed… But only for so long, as reality always finds its way back!

Is there a way to strengthen this aspect to suit my particular cogs, so that I will be more balanced in the long run?

The following 3 updates will uncover the nature of ‘being mindful’ so that one can truly live Mindfully & Mindlessly at the same time.

Mindful Update 1

This section covers the traditional aspects of ‘being Mindful’, ‘pleasure & fear as one complex system’ and ‘instant meditation’. I’ve also included the pros and cons of traditional Mindfulling for your convenience.

Mindful Update 2

Although there is a separate section devoted to Time & Space, I felt this was a good place to introduce some of the more basic concepts. This small glimpse will help manage the Time Warp effects you might be experiencing from the material we have covered so far. It will also help minimise any strange feelings or bizarre side effects.

Mindful Update 3

After exploring the nature of Mindfulness, I tweaked the system to suit my particular cogs. I now react conservatively to my mind’s Mentals Health Clinic which gives me greater strength & freedom in the real world.

Next… How Do I Recycle My Thoughts?

Recycling Our World

First, add barely-readable content, aka written gibberish. Next, walk far, far away & beg for a miracle to happen… (Warning: Don’t bug anyone in the meantime, they’ll think you’re nuts).