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Interpreting Expert Data: GVB Part Two

This is a more recent interview with Dr. Vanden Bossche, where he takes the time to carefully explain the current situation surrounding the Covid19 pandemic that has changed our world. As well as answering several questions about the pandemic, GVB is able to paint a comprehensive picture of not only where we are, but where we are headed in terms of the global population. Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom as many would suggest. Instead, there is a lot of hope to be found, once you clear through the confusion of masks, vaccines, and all the other issues being hotly debated today.

Project Bug has taken the initiative to break down the most important information presented by Dr. Vanden Bossche, adding approximate time stamps next to each main point, as we believe many people may not sit through a two hour, complex interview conducted in a variety of accents. Admittedly, it’s a lot of information for anyone to digest, which is why the hard work has been done for you. Feel free to delve into the detailed breakdown, or skip ahead to where we give you a more concise version of the key points and overall message.

Extrapolated key points from his two hour talk:

Key Points

What is ‘Innate Immunity’?

Innate Immunity is the immune system that exists naturally within any living organism. It is our natural defence against all types of infection and disease, and can be trained and strengthened in order to become more effective.

What is ‘Herd Immunity’?

Herd Immunity, as explained by GVB, is when you deliberately infect an entire herd with a disease in an attempt to develop inherent immunity antibodies. The key factors are timing, where the entire herd needs to be infected simultaneously, and treatment, where the entire herd needs to receive immediate and comprehensive treatment in order to create the best chances for success.

How do vaccines work?

In short, vaccines are designed to fight a disease that cannot be confronted by the innate immune system alone. As well as actively fighting a pathogen, vaccines also program the innate immune system, telling it what to do in the event of reinfection. Once taken, a vaccine cannot be ‘undone’. Instead, the programming is permanent, creating an unchangeable effect on a person’s natural immune system. Ideally, this should only be used in specific cases where a person’s immune system is weak or compromised, or in specific areas where a person may be exposed to unique pathogens for a short time.

How do viruses work?

Like any other living organism, viruses are designed to survive, adapt, and eventually thrive in whatever environment they find themselves in. Known as mutation, this process of evolutionary development is what creates new ‘variants’ within a virus strain, leading to bigger and often more infectious forms of a virus. In extreme cases, this can lead to Immunity Escape, which is where a virus evolves to such a level as to neutralise vaccine efficacy. With a replication time of 10-12 hours, a virus can easily outpace any vaccine not designed to prevent transmission.

What’s the difference between ‘Virus’ and ‘Disease’?

Essentially, ‘disease’ speaks to the symptoms of a viral infection. While the disease can be seen as strictly viral in the beginning stages of infection, it can take on a secondary nature in later stages. This means symptoms can spread to areas not directly affected by the virus, making treatment increasingly difficult. Early detection and treatment, therefore, is critical in preventing secondary complications.

What is ‘Immune Pressure’?

Immune pressure is the condition placed on a virus from a vaccine. In the event that a vaccine doesn’t prevent the infection of a virus, it creates the conditions in which a virus begins to mutate. The greater the immune pressure, the greater the rate of mutation.

How do healthy people factor into the pandemic?

While the overall health of a person may not protect them from certain viruses, according to GVB Covid is not a ‘healthy person disease’. In fact, the original Wuhan strain was easily handled by innate immunity according to the data. Unfortunately, the rise of variants has made Covid a bigger threat, even to healthy individuals. Still, all indications suggest that innate immunity within healthy people is still enough to effectively deal with even the most recent variants, provided that early detection and robust treatment are in place.

How do ‘vulnerable’ people factor into the pandemic?

When it comes to health issues, the term ‘vulnerable’ usually describes people falling into one of three demographics: elderly, children, and those with pre-existing conditions. In the case of Covid, both elderly persons and those with pre-existing conditions are in the greatest danger, as their innate immune systems are often weaker or compromised. As such, these are the people who would have benefited most from getting a vaccine since their natural antibodies may not have been strong enough to protect them from disease. Alternatively, children are the best suited for fighting covid naturally, since their innate immune systems are antibody rich. That said, early detection and proper treatment are critical to keep children from developing secondary issues that could be harder to treat.

What are the dangers of ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’?

Mass Formation Psychosis is a phenomenon where large numbers of people put blind faith in specific people or ideas, to the point of being unable to accept facts or truths that are contrary to their chosen narrative (narrative nuerosis). Given the deeply polarising effects of the pandemic, it is evident that MFP is a very real and present danger. On one hand, anyone who accepts data in favour of vaccines are often classified as sheep, blindly following the status quo. On the other hand, those who question the effectiveness of being vaccinated are labelled conspiracy theorists, anti-vaccers, and similarly disparaging monikers. The inability to accept and apply factual data that goes against established narratives increases the risk of blindly moving forward, making decisions that could prove detrimental down the road.


Taking all of the key points presented by Doctor Vanden Bossche in this interview, we can draw some very telling conclusions. First, the trajectory we are on with regards to vaccines is a dangerous one, where things will only get worse if we don’t change course. Simply put, rather than creating Herd Immunity, the mass vaccination efforts have served to create an ever-growing number of variants, both more harmful and more infectious in nature. This stands to reason given the fact that vaccines aren’t designed to establish herd immunity, but are intended to control the spread of a virus, or to reduce the effects of a virus on those more susceptible to severe symptoms.

Second, the never-ending list of variants that are developing are in direct proportion to vaccination rates. Rather than new variants arising in under-vaccinated populations, they are found in those populations where Immune Pressure is highest, aka those areas where mass vaccination is mandated. This means that for every new vaccine there are multiple variants of increased strength and infectiousness. As such, developing an Omicron vaccine will only create more variants of yet greater potency. The fear is the eventual development of a Super Bug as the result of relentless Immune Pressure.

Another aspect to consider is the consequence of vaccinating children. According to Doctor Vanden Bossche, the innate immunity of children is perfectly capable of overcoming Coronavirus, provided they are cared for in a timely fashion, and that there are no pre-existing conditions. Basically, the data suggests that children can beat Covid just as easily as beating the flu. However, rather than strengthening innate immunity, vaccinations interfere with natural immune development. Not only will this undermine a child’s chance of effectively fighting the current pandemic, but it could create autoimmune issues down the road as a result of an underdeveloped innate immune system. In short, vaccinating children could lead to irreversible long-term problems for the entire global population.

Fortunately, there are some brighter notes to be found amongst the otherwise foreboding forecast. Perhaps the greatest piece of news is how ineffective the current vaccines are proving in the fight against new variants. Why this is good is that as vaccines lose efficacy, innate immunity can begin to regain control of the fight. Thus, rather than being outcompeted by vaccine antibodies, natural antibodies can step up and do their thing. Interestingly enough, this could prove a roundabout way of establishing Herd Immunity.

Another piece of good news comes straight from the data itself. According to every credible study, Coronavirus is NOT a ‘healthy person disease’. In other words, as long as a person is in reasonably good health, with no significant medical issues, their chance of beating Covid is extremely high. This is where Precondition Activity comes into play. The better a person’s eating, exercise, and general life habits are, the better equipped they are for beating the pandemic. This idea is born out of the fact that 75% of Covid deaths occured in people who had at least four other physiological issues occurring simultaneously. Therefore, rather than trying to avoid the pandemic, healthy people would be better served to expose themselves to the virus in a responsible way, thereby allowing their innate immunity to develop the antibodies needed to effectively defeat Covid.

In the end, although the length of the pandemic has been unbearable in so many ways, it has allowed for copious amounts of data to accrue. This data paints a clear picture, not only of where we started, but also of where we are headed as a global population. The question now is whether we allow Mass Formation Psychosis to solidify, causing our hearts and minds to resist the information at our disposal, or whether we use that information to create a better future. We really are at a crossroads, where one path leads to a nasty outcome, while the other enables us to turn this pandemic into a thing of the past once and for all. As is the case in so many other areas, the future is well and truly in our hands like never before.