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Interpreting Expert Data: Part One

Although not a household name, Geert Vanden Bossche is a highly respected person within the scientific community. With a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, and a PhD in Virology, he has spent his professional life developing vaccines and other measures to fight disease. Dr. Vanden Bossche has held faculty appointments at numerous prestigious European universities, as well as senior roles in the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the German Centre for Infection Research (DZIF). Despite his low profile, something GVB prefers to maintain, his expertise in the fields of Virology and vaccine research is virtually unparalleled.

In March of 2021, Dr. Vanden Bossche gave an interview on YouTube in which he provided numerous insights on the nature of the pandemic, including the threats of infection and disease. These insights paint a clearer picture on why the pandemic is responding to vaccines in a seemingly unpredictable manner. Furthermore, he defines complex scientific and medical concepts in a way that everyone can easily understand, making this video an absolute must-see for anyone who wants to understand Covid and the impact it’s having on our world today.

Given the length of the interview, Project Bug has transcribed the more important elements for easier reference, providing time stamps alongside. These notes can also come in handy while watching the video, as Dr. Vanden Bossche has a fairly thick accent which can be tricky to understand at times. Following the notes is a summary for those who want to skip the details and cut to the chase. All-in-all, this information will provide invaluable insights no matter how you approach it.

Extrapolated key points from his one hour interview:


Although this interview covered many different concepts, the overall message can be reduced to a few key points. First, although it seems like a good thing, human intervention in the course of a pandemic can actually prove very costly. This is especially true if information on the specific virus is incomplete. The fact that Covid continues to mutate, creating variants that are both more infectious and prone to disease, proves that early human intervention was based more on speculation than actual knowledge. This leads to the point on the role Nature plays when it comes to pandemics. Simply put, innate immunity has the tools necessary to adapt to and overcome viruses, diseases, and other such ailments in the case of healthy individuals. Therefore, the best course of action when faced with a virus that has a very low mortality rate is to let Nature run its course.

Perhaps the most important point made throughout is that this isn’t a matter of vax or no-vax. Vaccines, when properly produced and administered, can in fact prove vital in saving lives that would otherwise be lost. The trick is to only provide vaccines to high-risk individuals, such as those with pre-existing conditions or a weakened immune system, rather than to the general population. Furthermore, strict measures need to be taken regarding social distancing for the vaccinated in order to ensure the vaccine is able to provide full protection. Unfortunately, since these elements weren’t taken into consideration when responding to Covid, it is likely that more and more variants will continue to evolve, extending the life of the pandemic. Only when we combine the role of Nature and man will we be able to end the cycle and return to normal once more.