Tomorrow – Always Speculating

Other than the obvious of pointing towards the future, ‘Tomorrow’ (in Mindless Lingo) generally implies one that’s either better or worse off inside a projection (oh, and it doesn’t limit to the following calendar day). Either I project AND want to follow, or I project AND want to move away from, something of current interest. Which, in both cases, is supposed to steer me towards a preferred line in reality.

For example

I want to create a better world, me, community, or relationship, etc., by projecting an image I’d like to see manifest or see myself in as the appeal quality converts inside my brain. Otherwise, if I see trouble instead, repulsion takes over. I step the opposite way to get the same result. Except I might only generate less of the good stuff in a mere relief depending on the situation.

Also, many of these processes may look good in theory or in the one dimension, upstairs. However, 80% of the time, I end up leaning sideways, or I go backwards increasing the distance to my actual goal. I struggle with the gap between the Unreal and Real Worlds due to a lack of discipline that wastes my energy.

The reality

I’d often stay caught up and deeply wonder in and out of a Highly Unreal Tomorrow knowing that nothing will ever come, except, more twiddling of my thumbs.

As for anyone who might be running extremes inside Tomorrow and your reality suffers, you are in Level 1 Backwards Land.

See the Level 1 Complex, and get out as soon as you can!

Tomorrow is the most significant psychological force driving humanity as roots stem from Yesterday. Memory slides that are modified into new projections to deal with what’s ahead.

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