Yesterday – the Constant Reminder

Yesterday generally implies a mind caught up in the past on the fear side of things according to my experiences. But just like Tomorrow (which doesn’t limit to a calendar day), can also suggest a positive note played loud.

Fortunately, in the wake of everything, I’m not so drowned-out or as inundated by Yesterday’s heavier events since successfully negating the positives. Or I’m not so caught up in clinging to previous pleasantries, which is where the seeds get sown. I’ve now lessened the bite for when the cycle makes its way back from a positive, to a negative.

Now for a frustrating habit

Regardless of either side of the pole felt when looking back into my history, I would often fool myself into thinking that an event happened ONE WAY, when in fact, it really went down in ANOTHER! Either, in a softer or harder tone/setting.

By ignorance or ego, I’d boldly create a false past by watering down OR stirring up the recorded fact. Or I made a problem out of a habit that then went on to shape my projections to appear as original records, except they weren’t!

I, the illusionist, call this ‘refinement’ a ‘slide’, while convincing others of the same misrepresentation.

Remember, the memory slide is an original record, while the enhancement or shaping is a refinement. A refinement is fine so long as I see it for what it is.

Don’t worry; we’ve all been there with at least a little exaggeration in our step to create the Enhanced Version of Yesterday we so desire. But now it’s good I know my habits!

Was My Yesterday a Fact?

The moment I inflate or deflate any feature from the database by secretly redirecting energy and content, means I’ve created a refined projection in place of the original record.

Identifying or running with a modification will always need defending/reinforcing — more energy!


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