What’s the Simple Message?

Emptied mind

Less mind is more… it’s way stronger! Obviously, under a new light, that’s where ‘Mindless’ comes from. Mind you, it took serious digging earlier to arrive at this conclusion.

Basically, I have been thinking, thinking and overthinking my entire life in a Level 1 roundabout way 🤦🏻‍♂️. As a result, I got exhausted without making much progress moving forward. Instead, I equipped myself with way too much information than was needed for the job, and I moved sideways and backwards in my reality. I didn’t know of the good, smooth new Level 2 backwarⱭ flowing motion until recently, having now made a few deeper discoveries.

I found another type of ‘forward way’ and it was well-hidden in a ‘subtle, 180° backward move’.

So after reaching a critical point of frustrating pressure built up over many years, something finally gave way in my life.

I realised…

“This is it, I’m done thinking along these lines! These thoughts of mine now need to slow right down for once. I have been doing it all wrong this whole, godforsaken time! Now, let’s work out how to prune these ideas back somehow.”

However, Reality laughed, scoffed, and blatantly replied…

“Yeah, good luck with that one, mate! Try giving it your best shot! 😆”

Now for the Extra Challenge

Like a nuclear reactor about to go into meltdown, as seen in the movies, I knew I had to pull out the big guns and tackle this problem in order to make greater sense of it, and thus minimise the fallout. Because whenever I try to think less, you can always guarantee… I will only think more!

As these annoying thoughts popped up in my world, by conditioning, trait, or nature, I would use others to push them down — redirecting my attention instead. Typcially, I would feed my brain its usual psychological dope in repetitive hits of positive thinking in exchange for a deflection from the drama. Therefore, I escaped like the rest of the world, which I shouldn’t have followed because the Herd manage this paradigm far better than myself.

And if I couldn’t use my mind to drum up support, I would escape life’s pressure by engaging in rituals or programs of drawing an artificial space out of particular words, symbols and images from my surroundings, which activates a story that I get lost in. This puts my mind in a suppressive trance for a short while by manufacturing the space I desired between my problems and me (known as my artificial or constructive space).

Whenever heavier thinking was in front, I would always run away from it. I’d routinely get high off someone else’s thoughts to escape an imposition.

Annoying Thoughts In the Real World 🌏
What do you usually do when annoying thoughts keep popping up in your head? If you are anything like me you will look for a distraction in either better thoughts, nature or food. You do whatever it takes to release the frustration, right? Starting with working on your ability to refine the thoughts within your mind.

But when that doesn’t work properly you naturally turn to the outside world for help. I know I do. Perhaps you take aim at the calm setting of nature in the hope that something grand yet simple will stand out and put you in a good mood. Unfortunately, for a lot of us folks in the developed world who are overly exposed to a mass inundation of media, either in or around our concrete jungle, we often require something much stronger to help put these annoying thoughts to rest. This is because we are so used to receiving a certain flow of information and we don’t appreciate any disruption from it. We like to maintain a steady line of buzz.

And when salvation can’t be found at home or in the peacefulness of nature, or perhaps from the innocence of a pet or child during a small interaction with them, the next thing you do is look for someone else’s thoughts to help blanket your own, along with a serving of comfort food or a vice of some sort to really calm things down. Since your thoughts and the soft touch nature won’t soften the scene at this particular time of frustration, someone else’s will surely have you lost in no time with a little help of sugar, protein, alcohol or some other mind-altering substance.

The knee jerk reaction in today’s world is that salvation can almost instantly be found in our pocket, which is where we keep our phone. When on the go, the easiest way to turn our thoughts around is to tap into someone else’s using a device. Whether it be reading an article or listening to a podcast, friend, peer, companion, psychologist, guru or priest, either in real-time or in something prerecorded, there are so many captivating stories that await your ears which are only ever a few seconds away.

Social Media, which boasts a collection of minds via the binary network, is the best way to get the distraction needed because you are already primed for the thoughts shown on your screen (most times), which makes them ‘targeted thoughts’ based on all of your activity that previously marked your interests with their algorithm.

“A simple distraction at first will suffice”, is what you say to yourself as you begin scanning your news feed. Each post or page is an opening to someone else’s life of success and failure (or that which they would like you to perceive). But none of it really matters other than the distraction which you aim to extract in order to help ease your mind of its troubles. Otherwise, as you make comparisons between your life and those on your device, this could stir you up instead, creating even more annoying thoughts that bring chaos.

Either way, you are kept in the vicious circle as the algorithms of today are designed to capture your attention by showing you the content that you desire. And within that desired content which we often compare ourselves against is also the opposite energy of jealousy, envy, anger, shame and so on. It’s the same old story each and every day. We find captivating thoughts to put the annoying thoughts down, but only for them to pop back up soon after because that is the reality of a bi-polar world.

And the Backlash?

But then, without fail, my mind would always return, yelling and demanding for more fuel once it runs dry of desirable scenarios that the other minds helped to produce (this is when the freaky more-ish mindset shows its true colours!). Therefore, my mind was sooo needy and greedy in its up and down uncontrollable ways. Soon, I would end up wanting MORE, MORE and MORE artificial space from targeting people’s thoughts when mine had none in them.

Like with real dope, there was NEVER any chance of attaining freedom in my world, since true freedom comes when you overcome your problems, not when you run from them.

So what better way to kick off this new discipline than to cut back in a backward move (one of a few). And really, there have been no regrets since entering Level 2.

Finally… I Took In A Fresh Mindless Breath

My strength today comes not from abusing my mental medicine as much as I had my entire life, but by not converting my energy into unnecessary space-like sensations. Admittedly, these sensations work well for most, but not for me. Instead, I need to save my energy for more important things.


Since I now truly know what it means to carry a default/typical mind around (noise, noise, noise!), as significant pressures or the weight inside my thinking that causes discomfort and disrupts life 🤯, then I absolutely had to get my act together if I were to have any real chance at Long Term Lessening.

If I were to relinquish this Short Term Escaping Habit that plagued my life for so long, then I had to be on my emptiest ball!

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