The Nature of This Website

This is website is ultimately about discarding old ways while allowing better ones to play form. However, it is also tying up loose ends from a previous life.

So where does one start when the old ways are so established?

It starts from freeing up my energy by any and all means, of course.

First, add barely-readable content, aka written gibberish. Next, walk far, far away & beg for a miracle to happen… (Warning: Don’t bug anyone in the meantime, they’ll think you’re nuts).

The Art of Scrapping & Recycling My Thoughts

Q – How do I organise just enough of my thoughts to get a clear message through, especially when it seems so incredibly complex? Particularly when very ancient Primal Software, embedded deep within my being, won’t allow for anything short of a total success?

A – I’ve got to bring the scraps together, piece by piece.

As usual, I tend to cram these complicated thoughts into the one space and try to organise them. But forget structure, rhythm and flow for now, and simply allow the depths of the horizon to spill, however messy. Refining will have to wait until after I’ve stepped far, far away.

Next, as I come back and look inside my turmoil, wondering what the heck went thru my head, I begin the task of cleaning, clearing and detailing. Except this time, I’m well-equipped with the most fortunate aid of another level or dimension to work with (✌️) as I approach everything with a fresh set of eyes. That and along with indispensable help from JT, who is my good friend (if not my god) in Atlanta, Georgia. Otherwise, if it weren’t for these two factors, and I didn’t connect the dots in plain English by taking extraordinary measures, my perspective split to the outside world would remain virtually insurmountable.

Putting something this complicated into order must be approached in the simplest terms. It has to at least start off easily, or else, I’m going to be forever alienated in this world…

My job now is to strip away the mental unnecessaries, going back-and-forth until I’m happy with what’s leftover.

Growing Strong

The Mindless Scrapbook, now also known as The Core Update, Mindware, Mindless-Ware, Deep-Deep-Psychology, and ‘Lessing’ (for short), is here to help blend an unconventional mind in with the conventional world.

Why all the fuss?

I do this in the hope of creating a mutual exchange between the two types of mind, by building a bridge wide enough for us both to walk on. Otherwise, without such common ground to share, an odd mind gets bored, and soon becomes further unsettled having little to no interest in hanging around lightly. In other words, frustrations turn to trouble and boundaries begin stretching, allowing ideas of mass exploitation & world domination to begin forming. Or of putting the general minded mob into a cage (if for no other reason than their own sake!). So I guess I better get the job done soon…

The Art of Mind Scrapping or Recycling is also about piecing together information that will help reduce my overall life breakdowns to an acceptable level. Unfortunately, I have tried stamping them out altogether and it just doesn’t seem to work!

Instead, I now realise that before anything productive can occur in my life, I need to gather as much invisible energy as possible by first watching all the tricks that play out upstairs. I have to be aware of the secret cumbersome-schemes that usually catch me off guard and pull me back into the vicious circle of overthinking. Therefore, I release these programs by means of a Level 2 intervention.

With psychological refinements firing at record speeds, things quickly get busy in my head. This previously untapped quiet-commodity, which is also widely known as ‘letting go’ (although it is often interpreted differently in the mainstream world), allows an energy beyond the realm of thought to naturally sift thru and discard 99% of my junk, leaving the most valuable content behind to use in my everyday reality.

A Gold Mind

Mind Scrapping, Recycling or Hacking (deciphering the bugs from my psychological network) brings to the table a fresh optimisation from a lifelong harvest of accumulated information to help restore order. Today, I’m no longer on a quest to gain more and more knowledge. I’m not interested in becoming better, feeding the same old habit of always refining myself with more information. Rather, I’m simply culling the bulk of what has already stained my psyche.

Knowledge is power to many. But it can also  burden others in an overload. 

Next, we’ll visit our guide that will take you through the Primary Mindless Linguistics. By better explaining a few popular terms used throughout the Mindless Network, this detailed ‘Ultimate Mindless Language Guide’ will help reinforce our bridge.