Seeing My Same Old Pattern

In a fast-moving, heavily consuming, automated world (at least in my neck of the woods), being visibly Less by portraying new minimalistic caring ways to the outside world gave me a strong sense of purpose and distinction, which is something I felt I had always lacked on the healthier side of life.

And, as with anything that regularly produces positivity thru a narrative designed to ‘hit the spot’, I would crown the new idea while carefully placing it on my beloved Mental Podium inside my Altar. Over time, I would worship my new ‘Less is More God’ (aka my Mindless God in this case) by calling upon more variations or enhancements to get my buzz to always come back and recharge me. Buzz, space, cloud, high, divinity or whatever else I wanted to call it. Therefore, my world was constantly up and down from all the refueling and depleting in both desirable and undesirable thoughts.

So, on a strict schedule, I lived as a ‘Less’ or ‘Minimalist Part-Timer’ simply because I didn’t know any better and couldn’t help myself. I would continue to portray my cherished idea at scheduled times only, either when the camera faced my way or when I was due for a change in scenery from a negative state to a positive state.

Worst still, my More-ish Mind took over (as it does once the positive charge within my ideas deflates but the demand carries on) and it kept hunting for the appeal quality again (which couldn’t be found in ‘ideas of Less’ until it had time to reflect, then fuel to re-inflate). What else can I say? Other than that I was a heavy mind addict bent on intensely contrasting stories within my thoughts.

I behaved differently throughout the day because my up and down life eventually craved for MORE. It wanted more postivity in ideas and ideals, even when they were cleverly dressed up in ‘Less’.

However, as I became more and more aware of this funny business of ‘Less being satisfying’ that I loved dreaming in (being more aware of Less), by watching my inner demands grab and chew up any words, images or symbols that were filled with an appealing quality (let’s call it the appeal quality for short), my life changed in a way that it never knew before.

By finally recognising mental areas where I would stockpile my most valued or treasured thoughts, which by this stage of my life contained a desirable description of ‘Less’ in a Modern-Day Revolution, it meant my world was about to strengthen. You see, it was now clear to me that my same old pattern cleverly operated from behind another diversion (but on this occasion it was really, really cleverly made) which activated something deeper inside to intervene, aka my invisible Level 2 helper.

Too deep, too fast? Ok, let’s come back a notch. Travelling outside conventional thinking for the first time needs to be slow going. Or else, it’ll create resistance with you guys, and I will keep living the monologue.

Taking Baby Mindless Steps

So by gently unfolding what I consider Mindless Related Activity (explained in greater detail from here on), I will serve out only one small spoonful at a time to you using the most subtle translations. Because I found that by dishing up too big a scoop, or by giving out too many Mindless servings at once, I risk resistance and alienation, and my efforts are potentially viewed as weirdly backwards (and not in a good way).

Or I will veer far, far away from the good new Level 2 type of Lessing that I am trying my best to convey.

Deep down, I know that if I’m not discreet and careful in my tactics over the long term with something I feel so strongly about or alive in, then I won’t achieve any common ground by forcing my way of thinking down your throat, especially since it is all very different. I have seen this style in action many times, and I naturally ignore whoever they are and whatever they serve.

So it’s baby steps from the get-go, since you have to learn how to walk before you can run.