An Idea – the First System of Thoughts as Potential Direction

Excuse me, mind. Which way are we heading today?

What’s an idea?

  1. In the act of mental processing, a steady buildup of life-impressions or experience-residue that holds similar influential properties, converge; form a relationship.  I’ve put together pictures, starting a collage. 
  2. Several experiences in my life gathered enough strength to create a system, delivering a substantial hit, or more than what the single psychological snippet would typically produce.  I’m now thinking along a line, thanks to an internal symmetry. 
  3. This coming-together also translates a stronger meaning and gives off a sense of direction to go one way or another.  I want or don’t want these images to realise; stepping accordingly. 

An idea is made up of a closely related set of thoughts and signals the possibility for an experience to occur or for a defined potential to realise.

In My Unreal World, I React to an Idea in Either of These Ways

Idea Response Protocol
  • Pro Behaviour or pleasure/appeal – I follow or consider following the idea.
  • Against Behaviour or fear/repel I move away from or consider moving away from the idea, which puts me in another direction.
  • I Let it Go or release – I let go of the idea because I’ve lost interest or it’s too far fetched or clearly impractical.
  • I Get Caught Up, or I attach, spike & fluctuate – I get stuck thinking, waste energy and let reality suffer as a result. I’ve allowed my idea to run overly wild into others in return for cascading emotional and sexual energy.

A good part of my life Iā€™d often mistake the 4th for the 1st.

Next, as my related ideas in the local group condense, they too, upgrade into a larger system.

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