Projecting My Thoughts

Welcome to the technical backstage of my invisible world. Here, I edit and make enhancements to my inner theatre.

Slides Modifying Onto a New Canvas Forming a Projection

An Unreal Human Projector
Do I see a clear reality? Or do I poject an unreality made up of yesterday and tomorrow?

Projecting is my primary mental activity, and sometimes I feel this process carrying on NON-STOP. As the original slides record, signals or packets of influence cause a chain of reactions — subtle to intense.

First, I take my inner-snapshot. And following on, I naturally respond to these new pixel and sound files by projecting further potential/possibilities out of a modification based off all that I know. Or I react to life with a combination of other data from my history, and rearrange all the info on my canvas/screen to suit.

In a previous life, I was stuck replaying and changing things around. Though I’d often believe: Hey, I’m moving forward.

We’ll break it down into two types of processing.

Standard Projecting

Known as,  Standard Projecting,  I’d map out a potential in an unreality so I could find my way in life’s reality.

Put it on paper, then, action! 🎬

However, over the years, my processing intensified (it got busy/messy) due to the mix (mmm overdose) of choice (too many ideas) and environmental pressures (fuel), the two perfect ingredients I’d later realise, had stirred things up. It’s something I only have myself to blame since grabbing on hard or jumping in too deep.

Ultimately, I reached a point of producing endless-series or many-volumes-of these additional projections/pixels, and they’d offer many outcomes. Each delivered a slightly different hit thru an array of sensation that kept me busy upstairs, as I would obsessively hunt for MORE FEELING in another variation. While consciously, I was convinced I was on a good thing, looking productively at what to do next.

What a circus!

Complex Projecting

 Complex Projecting,  which the Standard climbed up to when I was young, repeatedly tied me up; made me into a junkie. Although admittedly, this process continues, but on a much lighter note today.

At the peak, my life map grew so enormous that my thoughts/contents overflowed everywhere, which is why I found it difficult placing and following the posts on the ground. I couldn’t help it, I got lost and stuck on a mountain of up and down paperwork! Therefore the ONLY real reward gained were these extreme unreal highs in an imaginary world — no more than a tricky pattern ALWAYS holding me down.

Take a couple of cars as an example, one that runs smoothly verse one idling higher than usual because of neglect.

Previously, that bung car was me. I guzzled fuel and blew smoke by the end of the street.

There are many ways to explain the differences between the two scopes. Still, it all comes down to my internal overactivity versus a smoothnatural flow between my inner and outer worlds. Heavy vs Lite.

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