My Beliefs & Faith

I believe one day I’ll look into the nature of belief and understand it better. What more fitting place to put my beliefs, an aspect that controls life, but onto itself.

My Beliefs, Your Beliefs, in a Sensation Driven Reality

Beliefs full spectrum polarisation

To suggest I don’t believe it would be foolish. Any act of counter-belief pressing on my senses affects me just as much as pro-belief. All I’ve done is turn to a different direction as I’m on the swing that wings back. So in waves, I’m superior, or I FEEL superior, as I point down to you, 👇 the firm believer stuck in dogma.

To believe or not to believe is the full spectrum of belief that includes the negatively charged pole objecting to its positive as well as vice versa.

When my general day-to-day mental processing is highly refined, I live in a Sensation Based Reality (my life revolves around sweet & sour stories/narratives). Belief is not only boxed into religions and philosophies, etc., as I once knew. The word now covers any area of thought, producing stronger sensations by habit. Including,  my worshipping of science and technology as a GOD. 

But from what I know, traditionally, believing points to an old roll of immortal stories (stories of immortality) in an attempt to establish or reinforce an ancient (mmm alleged) process of life as fact. These records and/or allegations that made it thru the ages produced a sense of security comfort and longevity in someone’s overall pleasure.

In short: memories from the upline got handed down with refinements made each step of the way, in order to maintain good or stable behaviour to keep the wheels of reality well-oiled as a satisfaction gets drawn out of a strong-body of ideals.

Describing Heaven, fruit, or a life with less labour, etc., and inserting myself in the picture, is to inflate my reality into more than what it is. A desirable unreality in a wish.

At the right dose, inflation helps the world go round.

What Is Faith? Other Than, a Surge or Feeling of Attaining Something Just-Out-Of-Reach?

Perhaps this ‘faith’ business I still often taste and hold onto is nothing more than my attachment to the idea of  a continued life towards abundant energy or having more energy than what I have right now. 

I am guided to the fruits by something greater than myself, says the idea entangled in faith.

Or put another way, whenever a hint of faith arose, I’d jump at it and hold onto the responding thoughts, converting as much psychological reward as possible. Because once the ideas kick-off, they’re gratifying, regardless of what’s actually ahead or about to occur.

Well, at least until the sour one’s takeover and the sweet, yet again, starts incubating before I photoshop the next round.

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