Watching My Impulses Express & Understanding the General / Conventional Mind Counterpart

When letting go of addictive words and symbols I hauled became easier, not from other thoughts enforcing the release which is actually suppressing or redirecting my attention, but by clearly understanding the nature of Complex Thinking, my behaviour shifted for the better. Furthermore, I now understand why belief operates in greater efficiency inside the conventional mind, in the Herd’s head.

You see when managed, their investment into ideas must allow enough room to move and stay productive, as they’re not so caught up in the background/broader. They are successfully conditioned into a surface-layer or general band of thinking. Which also means, smoother waves of sensation on a fortunate smaller map. So how could they possibly go wrong, right?

Whereas, we in the minority on the other odd-end tend to overstretch ourselves to fit into this line. We inherit different challenges that no one seriously wants to help with, let alone acknowledge the deeper nature-of.

Perhaps belief is solely meant for the Herd’s needs, as these guys run the show from within a cleaner environment. After all, a few small tweaks and they’re usually right to go; they unpack straight from the box!

But then again, surely, the rules must apply to everyone when dealing with beliefs effects in the real world, regardless of any sensitivity issue?

Can Us Humans Really Manage the Larger Scale? 🤔

The point is, if I or anyone else live life speculating on the fruits (stay polarised) while putting simple facts further aside, then even the best-of-the-best managers of belief can still land themselves in trouble.

A build-up of ignorance eventually causes a chain of reactions to hit someone somewhere down the track (please don’t let it near my line!). Clearly because of this Sci-Tech boom over the years (though some might call the escalation ‘contamination’ from too many signals bombarding a vulnerable mind), it’s now easier for us humans to pass the buck at the end of the day thinking that our children will handle the backlog under an always fresh innovation.

Upcoming Science & Technology will cover it; it’s all good!

But like a storm or drought where the conditions start from thousands of miles away, flipsides are inevitable and will pop up somewhere, sometime. They’ll get past our gadgets as nature always finds a way to serve back our ignorances. Or at least from my take, it certainly does.

Unless the best-of-the-best know a trick or two on how to solidly pass the buck?? If so, please, let’s collaborate!

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