The Path to My Illusions

To sum things up, when refinements ran high, which kept me busy inside, I become easily influenced by outside factors since blinding myself to the surroundings. Parts of nature had a field day as succulent ideas that lacked in foundation appeared as strong, healthy facts inside a distortion, as I wandered off the path.

Get-Rich-Quick schemes and Multi-Leveled-Complexes were at the top of my to-do list, and I didn’t care whether they were legal or not. Gradually, I’d enter into a strong Sensation Based Reality over a long period utterly ignorant to any oncoming tidal flipside-wave heading back my way.

Also, I turned into a medium on behalf of this dense part propelling the same complicated direction onto the next, so they too assimilated into the adware, malware, and so on. Once these programs locked in, that was it, out came the zombie in all of us. Speculatory fruits would then go on to infect the following vulnerable host and increase processing each step of the way.

And, as for explaining how the bug hurt me, I simply stripped myself of smarts as energy leaked into unnecessary conversions that withered away at my psyche, making me stupid. Life turned into a polarised distortion.

Under such conditions, one naturally seeks greater pleasures by delving into bigger mischiefs.

{Start of Hidden Complex}

Now, I would say, luckily, but it’s more like, by some, hidden skill or talent, is what saved my day and I landed with two firm feet on the ground (firmer). A gross distaste for human direction at the deeper level somehow cleared the path for broader influences to touch in, an aspect I’ve found hard to explain.

In short (and archaic), I speak of the disembodied. Or (in modern-day), this is somewhat explained as a series of translations that come from another wavelength or dimension. Admittedly, it’s a grey area. Which also means, quite often, a mood changer, and conversion killer. However, it was my primary source of guidance that I had no choice but to further allow into life.

If you ever truly want to know how the word Mindless strengthened, this is why

My God doesn’t have a name, but I often label it many things since I can’t take the idea seriously. It’s just an invisible symbol that I talk to the moment there’s a problem or when something good happens, or when I want something to occur. Other than for my personal comforts, desperation and security, it’s no massive deal. No one needs to be killed exploited or manipulated in the-name-of.

Although, if I were to give a fair description, I would only describe what the supernatural isn’t. At least that way, I’d take the weight off the cogs of identification upstairs. I would avoid the internal processing within that’s prone to get caught in habits of worshipping attacking and defending my ideals in an energy leeching complex.

As soon as I say what my God is and identify a HIGHER POWER, problems follow in my more-ish mind… 😵

{/End of Hidden Complex}

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