My Inner Beliefs & Watching the Complex at Home

When it comes to understanding my own beliefs, this simple message helped me thru

Lee, when your mind is running a million miles a minute, and you’re always one step away from that tastier piece of security and comfort, please, keep watching each process. You must keep an eye on any succulents that wave in and out, making you stagnant in the real world.

Then, as you do, gift yourself the freedom and release that and any other related impulse, in the way.

Only from a place of space, and also only if you see these processes as detrimental because they exceed practical limits, will you gain the strength needed  to release one sweet part of that dream at a time. 

And in doing so, guess what?

You’ve now allowed a vitality in and have freshened up the scene.

Otherwise, you know you would’ve had that dream by now, right?

You know you would’ve had your cake and ate it too if it were that easy to turn to the unreal into the real!

Long story short

For the Highly Sensitive Mind who continuously think for these unnecessary highs, in either a Spiritual or Scientific God or any other worshipped symbol/object (Ego God, Sports God, Corporate God, Political God, Hollywood God), understanding here is the absolute key to laying down a strong foundation. Forget your dreams for now as they haven’t worked out so far and keep a watchful eye on these inner movements, first!

Unless they have, then forget this.

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