Bridging My Worlds

Where was I? Oh, yeah, in my unreal(-ish) world. You can relax, I’m back.

So instead of continuing the usual shenanigans and claustrophobia with this robe alteration or cloaking business that started in 2013, in early 2015, I made changes after a big dose of Ayahuasca (a 2-3 hour peak and also a good peek into the outskirts that felt like half a year). Seriously, it was full-on, I didn’t think I was coming back! Severe Time Compression Fields are aweful, but they deliver results.

From here (except I’m now in a totally different ‘here’ 😲), I’d look after both the organism AND outside world as if they were one (rather than I stay the usual part-timer). I began taking care of both my intakes AND outgoings while ignoring what nearly everyone else had to say on the matter who looked at me as backwards.

I came from a divided world that likes staying that way; it didn’t want to see me go. Except I had no choice and moved on anyway.

Between then and now, wow, what an undeniable shift, especially to my onlookers. Also, I’m pleased to announce, I’ve settled onto fairer-middle-ground for my destructive traits to wreak havoc on. That is,  neither too much nor little, death. 

For the time EVER, my inner and outer worlds that were light-years apart, came closing in.

Next, let’s head over to the kitchen for something a little lighter. 🥦

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