Settling Into a New Grey

During my entire time of holding up a bright light with hidden darkness, as I’d try to enlighten my darker shades, deeper issues rattled below. Boiling away, were massive remnants of anger and fear because of bad blood leftover between my community and me. Or at least, this had overwhelmed my side of the fence.

Admittedly, I messed up in a previous life. Yet I couldn’t open a channel to resolve it, after trying numerous times with no luck. Now to put it all in perspective, when people talk to me, I reply on autopilot, while thinking about these issues, and have done for years. So all day and every day, I’m misunderstood.

I’m an outcast to some, while a grey area, in general. But it’s only natural under the circumstances, which, hardly anyone knows. Let alone, could possibly understand in a few words.

My unresolved issues compounded over time, causing a major pickle. I now can’t help but live double/triple lives!

Hidden Agenda

Although most people who know me see me as going one way in life, this couldn’t be any further from the truth. I’m on a crash course that cannot be spoken of or explained, in simple terms. Otherwise, if I let it out too early, I’ll freak people out; it’s that simple. This is how far apart I am to those by my side.

My movements, drive, subtle behaviour, all come from the invisible brain chemistry that held its grip through a previous life. There was no resolution from my community; therefore, I bottle up some serious gas and haven’t told anyone my thoughts. Besides, I know it’s all a complete waste of time.

I mean, why risk causing an alarm? Why risk firing up the Mental Health Act again, a sneaky state weapon still within range (except mine’s now bigger! 🚀). Besides, I’d have a better chance of convincing people of armageddon at the next full moon.

Psst… At my next encounter, I’ll set the example. 💥

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