The Deflection Specialist

Recycling Marker

‘Facts’, along with ‘Understanding’ are an essential part of life that gives a solid foundation or base to move freely upon. If we didn’t operate in a good part of factual knowledge, problems would occur or they’d eventually hit somewhere down the track, which is also known as blowback.

A deflection specialist is a person with long term experience on diverting attention away from a current trajectory due to a build-up of resistance from any number of reasons. Otherwise, an attraction would obviously encourage the players to stay the course and play on.

How one meets a question or statement which could amount to a potential roadside bomb, solely depends on the charge.

If I feel resistance upon your remark or if I don’t like where the line of thinking is heading, here is what goes on on the backend:

I’ll evaluate the strength of your position and I will adjust my response accordingly.

For instance, if it’s weak… I’ll tackle it head-on, thereby, reinforcing my position.

On the contrary, if your message is strong… I’ll take larger measures:

In a typical scenario, I’ll create space for a moment by steering the conversation into an off-topic area, or I will place attention on the messenger or the messenger’s approach to achieve a deflection.


I will become an attack dog because ‘Offence is the greatest Defence’, or it was in a previous life. I’ll hi-jack the question and replace with another while appealing to your emotion on the one level. Then I’ll do the same towards counteracting emotions and act as a saviour to you instead.

If I’m able to briefly guide our attention away from a volatile explosive that is about to devastate my narrative, it’s a win for me! It gives me ample time to run all the background checks needed so that I gather the right tools to defuse this impending threat once and for all.

My objective upon a strong message is to devalue the situation or shift the bomb elsewhere, off my path and onto another… perhaps, yours. Usually, I would step back in time to paint a bigger picture of something more destructive than my own while adding two-way emotion into the scene. If I can show a greater build-up of volatility along another route, closeby, this automatically takes the blow off my narrative. By revealing something weaker, I gain the strength needed to win my war with you.

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