The Deflection Specialist

Facts, along with my understanding of things, are an essential part of life that gives me a solid foundation or base to move freely upon. If I didn’t operate in a good part of factual knowledge (knowledge mirroring reality or actual events), problems would occur or they’d eventually hit somewhere down the track, which is also known as my blowback.

A deflection specialist is a person with long term experience in diverting attention away from a particular trajectory due to a build-up of resistance between a trajectory presented by the outside world and their personal narrative. Otherwise, any weaknesses in their narrative would be easily discovered, attracting attention from those on the other side, encouraging them to exploit those weaknesses and potentially undermine the attached narrative altogether.

How one meets questions or statements in life, either on the spot or built-up over conversation or debate, solely depends on the charge that those things deliver.

If I feel resistance from your remark, or if I don’t like where the line of thinking is heading, here is what goes on in the background:

I evaluate the strength of your position and adjust my response accordingly.

For instance, if it’s weak… I’ll tackle it head-on, thereby reinforcing my position by putting you in your place.

Alternatively, if your message is strong… I’ll take larger measures:

In a typical scenario, I might use humour or another emotionally-charged effort to create the space I need by steering the conversation slightly off-topic. This move then gives me ample time to prepare for my defence. Otherwise, I might place my attention on the messenger or the messenger’s approach to achieve a deflection from the more sensitive issue that is causing resistance.

In an extreme example of me losing to you, I become an attack dog because ‘Offence is the greatest Defence’, or it was that way in my previous life. I’ll hijack the question with force and replace it with another while slowly appealing to your emotion in a twist. Or once I feel that you are succumbing to a cascade of negative sensation, I will reverse the situation with counteracting emotion and act as a saviour towards you instead. In other words…. I create ‘uncertainty’ for you, and then I offer the solution or a sense of ‘certainty’ that you will forever be grateful for. You’re welcome…

If I’m able to briefly guide our attention away from a volatile trajectory that is about to devastate my narrative with a factual bomb (an F-bomb), it’s a win for me! It gives me even more time to run all the background checks needed so that I gather the right tools to defuse this impending threat once and for all.

My objective upon your strong message is to devalue it, or at least shift the explosive off my path and onto another… if not yours, someone else’s! Usually, I would step back in time to paint a bigger picture of something worse off, as a way to rationalise my weakness while also planning a two-way emotional attack in the moments to come (to put you off).

Overall, if I can show you a bigger, more juicy target along another route closeby, this ‘convincing you’ automatically takes the blow off my exposed weaker narrative. Therefore, by essentially revealing something even weaker than my own weakness, while also taking you up and down in emotion, I gain the upper hand needed for a successful deflection (or so I think).

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