Exotic Belief Disorder

Within the Astrophysics Community, there is an idea suggesting the potential for exotic matter to exist. In short, EM is hypothesised as a shadow substance with properties that defy logic and law. Also, it’s linked to wormholes where, as we know, Time & Space break down. Therefore, it is Science’s way of semi-rationalising magic.

Exotic Belief Disorder is a condition that has plagued humanity since the beginning, so it’s easy to tell the symptoms.

When I regularly draw satisfaction out of an unreachable idea, something just outside the laws of physics, I live in an exotic world. I’m caught up in wanting to create a unique, and sometimes very farrr-out picture. Except, the only problem is I lack the necessary tools to get the job done and make it ‘real’.  In fact, I don’t know that such tools even exist…

‘Disorder’ takes over when I live dramatically this way, and my life suffers.

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