My Inhouse Conditioning / Panel of Commentators

Quite often, I would call these guys who sit on the panel upstairs the talking dead.

My Inhouse Conditioning echoes all of my past exposures. Its instructions and storage system (my panel) contains many people’s qualities, programs, problems and traumas that have now become ingrained within my psyche, i.e., both in the help I had received AND the challenges that got passed onto me by our fossils. And yes, I’ll be a fossil one day too. Though hopefully passing on mostly the good stuff to the next person!

These influences are also known as the unavoidable generational hand-me-downs. That’s right, I have no choice in the matter as things have stuck to me along the way. Either, each process works thru me on its own or they pile up and get cross-cultured or modified with other influences throughout the course of my time. Including, I guess, with whatever else my nature does to them, i.e., transforming or transmuting each program, quality or trauma.

Generational traumas

Nowadays, the idea is to EXTRACT the qualities but immediately DITCH the problems. Why the heck did I not see and do this before?

Also, I don’t know this scientifically, but I’m sure that a crystalised residue accumulated somewhere upstairs after all of my encounters. Which, naturally, turns anyone into another carrier ready to infect the next host with  tiny behaviour-changing brain gunk. 

Do we all carry heavy thought-metals, like toxic metals sometimes found in our food and water?

From experience, when I’m in contact with people certain reactions take place, causing several impressions to stamp inside my head. Clearly, after many years, there is now a steady buildup of both fear and pleasure working thru various passed-on stories that shape my behaviour. Therefore, old influences continue to steamroll my existence while I pass mutated strains onto others.

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