Mindless.Idea via See/++ Programming

Below is what technically describes the words Mindless or Mindlessing inside an idea, or at least in my head it does. Also, it is a crucial Mindware Update.

Get patched!

MENTAL USER INTERFACE: Mindless-Ware Core Patch

<Begin My General Thinking>

Value: This could be any group of ideas running at the surface of my mind…

If I’m not asleep or engaged in an activity, I’m usually caught up in thinking along some line…

<End My General Thinking>

Download Mindware Icon

<Begin Downloading The Core Idea>

Value: Mindless / Mindlessing.

The Mindless/Mindlessing or Less/Lessing psycho-file is now available at https://mindless.life and will be downloaded and stored in the root folder of my mind. These terms basically mean the same thing. They are a blessing… the best lessing one can get.

<End Downloading The Core Idea>

Open Psycho File

<Begin Extracting & Opening The Less/Lessing Psycho-File>

Value: Observe increased internal pressures and processes that make up a known mind.

In other words – If my thinking = heavy, then I observe deeper. As a result, I see any attempt to stabilise my thoughts, rather than I immediately stabilise and typically overcompensate (bouncing back & forth between the up & down ideas).

<End The Setup By Releasing Any Psychological Activity>

(Ending or closing any idea implies psychological inactivity).

Value: Psychological Inaction.

Strangely, this is my most recent highly valued ability to let go of something that no longer serves my best interests by adding a gap between my thoughts. Psychological energy is conserved from ending any centre stage ideas.

<Begin A Stronger Mindful Idea…>

Value: Something more robust.

Now that the Mindless software is downloaded and installed, I stabilise my pressurised system with cleaner code inside a stronger idea; implying… less conscious stabilisation. Or there is now less effort used to fix myself. Which as a result, has greater longer-lasting effects.

<End A Stronger Mindful Idea…>

So in the above core idea, there are no acts involved other than  the act of observation upon my detection of increased pressures,  or else the word ‘Mindless’ has no meaning. If I can’t feel a mind and its weight, then it has very little meaning in this context.

Therefore, the idea is unconventional. But, it is also whole and simple, which reduces the risk of outside contamination from mind-spammers who want to insert crap! And, anything else that follows on, such as these few paragraphs, is now consequential thinking in other ideas. Oh, and I’m less likely to build a belief system around it — a sophisticated godly empire.

More accurately, these paragraphs are my response/report to the initial idea that plays out in my life.

Now, what is your response? Please, I encourage you to find out upon installation!

My Response After Observing Higher Pressures

<Start The Consequential Thinking>

Letting-go or releasing my heavier thoughts that cause anxiety can only come from beyond the dimension of thinking by an act of clear seeing. Then, from that observation, there is the release. Voila! Otherwise, I’m only redirecting my attention, deflecting from the problem.

Another response/report:

Mindlessing does not contain a conscious demand or command to suppress pressure, unlike our mindful/traditional realms that do.

For instance, when I’m about to meditate or become better, that is a demand, however small! Instead, Mindlessing is only a lightweight piece of code that activates a ‘deeper-seeing’ when under pressure or when my mind shows its TRUE COLOURS!

Please, update now. It’s for anyone! Highly Sensitive Person or not.

Mind on its own implies loudness and points to above-average pressure. However, once I have patched myself and become highly aware of these hot and cold conditions running the show upstairs, there is a greater chance for a pronounced ‘less’ quality to naturally occur from observing all movements.

When I look deep, my conditioning gradually breathes fresh air.

My New Long-Term Investment

Updating the core file is not a quick fix, nor is it fun at first. However, it does ground me in the long run… On the other hand, comfortable disciplines always hold a catch!

Mindlessing implies a natural balance that comes into effect from seeing my panel of commentators or from seeing the total movements of all my diverse thoughts. Including, the endless line of reactions that my chatterbox mind goes on with.

By understanding Psychological Time & Space, an extraordinary order turned my life around.

<End The Consequential Thinking>

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