Narrative Neurosis

Aka The Polarisation Pandemic.Recycling Marker

Over the years, I have collected vast amounts of information. Some of it is useful, and I’ve held onto it, while other parts get discarded. At least, at the conscious level.

As with all creatures, I make a home out of whatever is at my disposal. And in the case of a mental home, I have naturally built a lifelong-collage out of my memories which include highlighted main features for all to see as they walk past my platform, podium or signature voice as I speak.

By stepping inside the front door of my home and as I open up to you, I’ll paint mental pictures tall and wide. Blah, blah, and blah… as you now hear all about my narrative. They say that we humans are creatures of habit that follow many patterns all day long. But did you also know that we are polarised creatures of ‘up & down storyline’ conveying underlying messages that give our existence value? Or at least, a sense of worth to get us thru each day?

I move in a particular direction based on these long term influences I have allowed into my life. And obviously, the same goes for you.

At first, we’ll put on a show and test each other’s waters, treading carefully and feeling out any set boundaries, etc. But soon, I will begin to work you into my current as ‘my way’ is obviously ‘the best way’ to move forward. And once I open a channel and have you in my sight… I’ll urge you to please make the right choice for once and adapt to my ways of life! Deep down, all I want is for you to become an extension of my mental design!

If you’re not with me, you will soon be against me… We’ll play this game of tug of war to see whose narrative will cave in first.

And in the event of my defeat and if my weaknesses are exposed, even after I attack your storyline from the beginning of time, I will deflect our attention in one way or another and plan something else for when we meet again. I’ll head back to the drawing board and reschedule another attack to finally put you off your course once and for all.

I’ll hide, ignore or divert attention away from the weaker aspects of my narrative because I see the bigger picture. At the end of the day, I’ve done the right thing because mine carry the lesser of the two evils.

Look, I want you to feel the rewards and emotions from my storyline… it’s as simple as that. I have shaped myself into who I am because of these events, so now I must export these values onto you before you miss out. I ultimately want you to feel how I feel.

Neurosis comes into effect when I am fixated on the one path in a world of many that I have refused to consider because of my emotional attachment. In turn, this ignorance causes suffering to both myself and others. Therefore I tour life in general with a highly strung but small fanbase while getting under everyone else’s skin.

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