Psychological ‘Less’

Recycling Marker

There are two levels of Psychological Less — 1 & 2.

Level 1 ‘Less’ is my ability to project an idea that describes some ‘thing’, ‘one’ or ‘aspect’ with reduced features, weight or composition when compared to a snapshot of reality.

I paint a picture of what it means to be ‘less’ thru the only way known, psychological activity — my imagination or ideation.

Generally speaking, the story of ‘less’ tells of an existence that ultimately reduces energy consumption, emission and waste when compared to that of others who share the same environment for the sake of overall sustainability, love and compassion. And if I’m truly dedicated to being minimalistic, there is no sacrifice as I make it an art. I live a happy and abundant life.

Level 2 ‘Less’ on the other hand, is my ability to end any idea when it is not needed. Rather than simply reducing the content of an idea, it eliminates the idea altogether. Now, can you see the difference between them? In a sense, number two is an interdimensional movement.

Allow me to explain…

Levels 1 & 2 are both ideas (since I need a way of describing them to you), but the 2nd level or dimension of the idea is a special idea. In other words, it describes my ability to clear the screen without using the force that comes from more thought processing. Therefore, the eraser is not another idea that gives the illusion of clearing my mind by rubbing out the thicker content inside my thoughts. Rather, it is the process of eliminating all unwanted content from my mind completely.

Level 1 Lessing is when I manage the contrast within my thoughts (heavier thought → lighter thought). Level 2 Lessing is when I manage the contrast against my thoughts (thought → non-thought). In other words, observing Level 2 strengthens Level 1!

For example… As internal pressures mount or when an idea no longer serves a practical purpose, I’m able to release that program and free up my energy because I know that nothing else will help. I know that if I continue refining my thoughts, I will simply lose the quality of greater space.

From psychological activity, I am reduced to a hibernating state of psychological inactivity by allowing energy from another dimension to defuse my thought processing, however long or short it lasts. Thus I am then recharged from the space in between, and ready to face the next thing that emerges and tries to take over.

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