Psychological ‘Less’

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There are two levels of Psychological Less — 1 & 2.

Level 1 ‘Less’ is an idea that describes some ‘thing’, ‘one’ or ‘aspect’ with reduced features or weight/composition.

I paint a picture of what it means to be ‘less’ thru the only way known, psychological activity or ideation.

Generally speaking, the story of ‘less’ tells of an existence that ultimately reduces energy consumption, emission and waste when compared to others who share the same environment for the sake of the larger community. And still, live happy lives.

Now here is where it gets tricky…

I can also suppress aspects of my mind that appear to carry ‘more’. Thus, I actually use more ‘ideas of less’ to compensate for the heavier pressure. However, the sensations I had produced only offered a temporary perception of a green bill of health because of the fluctuation that came from suppressing and compensating my thoughts. This is how my mind has always worked.

Level 2 ‘Less’ on the other hand, is an idea that describes my ability to end an idea when it is not needed. As pressures mount or when an idea no longer serves a practical purpose, I’m able to release the program and free up my energy. I know that if I continue refining my thoughts, I lose a quality of space.

From psychological activity, I move to a state of psychological inactivity, however long or short it lasts.

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