The Second-Hand Reality

Recycling Marker

When my reality thrives off the experiences or imaginations of others, whether it is thru TV, computer, phone, newspaper or radio, I live a Second-Hand Reality. I’m in the backseat of life always living in the past. And when I’m not piggybacking someone else’s past or recreation, I’m stuck on my own past or recreation. Therefore, the reality of my reality is someone who lives not in the present, but in the past. I love escaping the now!

By constantly replaying past events in my mind’s eye or by systematically reconstructing the events or imagination put together by someone else, I go second-hand!

Earlier in my life, my attention was fixated elsewhere. Several narratives from a number of medium’s started overlapping and merging, making a bizarre world. My life was too boring, so I kept grabbing hold of these many signals flying about. Overrun by leading commentary, I wanted to blend or duplicate these reality settings into myself and grab a front seat in life for once.

But the reality of my intense Second-Hand Reality meant that my active-reality suffered, and I lost my power.

I degenerated while also thinking that I was getting closer to success.

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