Recycling Marker

Whenever the words ‘me’, ‘myself’ and ‘I’ systematically dominates in conversation and sparks two-way emotion, a host is under the influence of Somebody-itus. A bug continually attacks the psychological system and manipulates the ‘self-image’ of the infectee. Or my narrative veers off into another world and becomes hostile by extremely contrasting against or pointing out all the lower quality features pertained in others. And then, I offer a solution to fix them.

Please beware… a host will go to lengths for the psychogen!

We all know that somebody, right? He or she eventually turns the conversation into themselves. They more or less explain how life is far better with their presence not only included, but at the top of the chain or in a superior position.

However, as the Somebody-System runs rampant, excess emotion weakens a host by placing a cloud over perspective. Concurrent attacking and defending subroutines weigh heavily on not only themselves, but also on recipient mind’s. Direction from this point is now driven by competition and distinction, which, in acute cases, will create blindness.

During the play of life, mistakes that usually don’t get made…  are made! Not only that, the host immediately rationalises any misguided action and dismisses their involvement or places the blame elsewhere. He or she doesn’t take responsibility as competition supersedes everything else.

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