Time Definition

Time on this network is interpreted as my thoughts since they carry both records and refinements of Yesterday and Tomorrow (respectively) inside my projections along a timeline.

** Yesterday = my record of events | ** Tomorrow = refining those records onto a new canvas to predict and create future developments.

Understanding Psychological Time & Space as an inward-only measure exposes a unique quality in life, and I urge everyone to observe.

We’ll go slow…

When I speak of Time in a BROAD and TECHNICAL sense, it means I’m either thinking behind or in front (the only two ways possible), for however long or short an interval is to the present reality: i.e., seconds, hours, days, years, ‘ago’ or ‘ahead’. It’s any information along the timeline that is at the surface of my mind.

Forget the outer clock on the wall for a moment and look at the two ways along my timeline: Yesterday ↔ Tomorrow!

First, I recall a memory projection from my original record. Second, I imagine a future projection by refining aspects of the past.

All up, both ways get projected when I’m thinking! Either as a Memory Projection (Yesterday) or Future Projection (Tomorrow). It’s that simple…

Generally-Implied Time

Though in the GENERAL sense, or when Time is IMPLIED on its own, ‘Time’ indicates a negative. When Yesterday and Tomorrow are condensed or pressurised, I feel uncomfortable in my skin.

Time is being a pain in the butt AGAIN!

But TECHNICALLY, the broader sense of Time points to any surface thoughts ↔ along my timeline.

Again, it’s that simple!

Time in a Nutshell

The haunts of yesterday and my worry of tomorrow are condensed thoughts that increase pressure.

And whenever heavier processes are running, I move further away from the present moment. I lose the active-reality to this annoying invisible weight called Time.

However, Time can also produce positive sensations in Positive Time (the floaty/spatial comfortable stuff), which does the same as the others, taking my attention OFF THE PRESENT. In which case, I shift to the desired side of the unreality field… a place we all want to live!

I’m going to stay on the positive side of the timeline forever!

Umm… except, too often I would get weightless and would fly off with the fairies which seeded more problems for ahead. So after many years of living up and down, I finally learned a stronger way which kept me in the middle ground.

Look, I had to choose ONE side to fill the generally-implied sense in with, so it went to the pole that impacted life the most — the negative.

But please know, both behind and in-front can absolutely shine bright sunny rays that stand out. It’s just that, from my experience… ‘Time’ usually registers as a pain in the butt!

A Tomorrow Truth

‘In front’ or ‘tomorrow’ is an illusion. It is always my memories modified into a projection. ‘In-front’ is actually ‘behind’ after being photoshopped many times.

Not convinced?

Think of an event about to occur and ask yourself to locate the source of the objects contained in the images projected.

Eg. The sunset – moonlight – beach – restaurant – ornaments – clothes – colours – etc.

Because when I do, all these components and shapes originate from Yesterday and I used a wand or tool to mix them up. They sometimes might appear unique, but as I zoom-in close, it becomes clear.

Time (implied on its own, negatively) carries weight, making me rigid. It takes me out of the active-reality.

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