The Truth

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My understanding of truth or truality says that it is dynamic because it moves from one piece of information to another. But to understand this properly, we must first see what a fact is.

Facts are a credible source of information of the past that have set in stone. It is an accurate impression or trace of the past. However, a recollection of events can easily get viewed or interpreted differently, i.e., when someone is either stuck in old conjectured light or in the wake of a new light that lays between the impression and the observer.

For example, some of us might add information that distorts a fact. Otherwise, we might deny or not see the relative information clearly enough. Or perhaps, both.

When a piece of knowledge is worshipped, cherished or deemed sacred or important for any reason, regardless of whether it is a fact or not, it empowers into truth. And with truth comes a sense of territory and a connection to others who share the same wealth along the same line. Also, in terms of the major truths that I have held onto in my life, they would immediately become a part of my identity.

With the power of truth by my side, my tribe and I can fend off any other ‘inferior untrue ways’.

Admittedly, there have been many factual and non-factual blocks of information in my life that had once gained and then lost the truth title. Why? It was because I found something else that stood out stronger, and it automatically took over.

During each transfer of truth from one thing to another, I felt my sensations lose grip but only to then watch them re-energise onto something different. In fact, the feelings of truth were absolutely the same but it was the symbols and objects that were dynamic. Also, a byproduct in the form of an obsolete boring fact or an outdated piece of knowledge in a growing book of many started piling up.

As I continue to unravel my conjectured world, I see that many people’s truths collide from angle to angle — info to info. It’s a non-stop war out there! Therefore, my truth is never fixed on any single piece of knowledge. It is not found within the set in stone fact. Rather, the truth, if anything, can only be deep within the eye of the beholder.

The only solid fact of the truth that I know is perception.

Here’s an example of a truth tug of war:

Me stating a truth: God doesn’t exist because I can’t see him.

Opposition claiming a lie and reclaiming the truth: You can’t see oxygen either, but you need it to live…

Me now devaluing that response and getting back a good part of my truth: Science can accurately measure oxygen. Therefore I can predict areas that have more or less oxygen which keeps me safe in life. Science compensates for my lack of visual amplification and significantly increases my survival rate.

On and on it goes…

Perception is always shaping my perspective as I live and learn in life. As new experiences and fresh content give an insight, I feel my energy shift from one fact or piece of information to another. It moves from one sentence to another, one paragraph to another, because the truth is dynamic in nature.

The only truth about the truth is the way I feel about it.

Truth Ahead

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