The Nature of This Website / E-Scrapbook / Mindless-Ware

Now, where-where-where in my humongous mind do I begin. Out the far back, or in front?

Excuse me, I’ll need a shovel AND millennia to clean up this mess. 😞

The Art of Scrapping & Recycling My Thoughts

Q – How do I organise just enough thoughts to get a message thru? Especially when it’s incredibly complex? Also, when thousands of years old Primal Software deep inside won’t allow for anything short of a total success?

A – I’ve got take my time to scrap it together.

But first things first is my tendency to cram these complicated thoughts onto the one space and try to organise. Forget structure, rhythm and flow for now, and simply allow the depths of the horizon to spill, however messy. Refining will have to wait until after I’ve stepped far, far away.

Next, as I come back and look inside my turmoil, wondering what went thru my head 😮, I begin the task of cleaning, clearing and detailing. Except this time, I’m now equipped with the most fortunate aid of another level or dimension ✌️. Otherwise, if I don’t connect these damn-dots in Plain English, my perspective split to the outside world will stay  well wedged apart. 

Ordering something complex MUST eventually find its way to a simple start. Or else, I’m forever psychologically on my own…

My job now is to strip away at the unnecessaries, going back-and-forth until I’m happy with what’s leftover.

Growing Strong

The Mindless Scrapbook, now also known as The Core Update, Mindware, Mindless-Ware, Deep-Deep-Psychology, and ‘Lessing’, for short, is here to help blend an unconventional mind in with the conventional world.

Why all the fuss?

I do this in the hope of creating a mutual exchange, by building a bridge wide enough for us both to walk on. Otherwise, without such common ground to share, an odd mind gets bored, is further unsettled and holds little interest in hanging around lightly. Frustrations then turn to trouble and boundaries stretch, etc. (Ideas of mass exploitation & world domination begin forming). So I better get the job done soon!

The Art of Mind Scrapping is also about piecing together information that will help reduce my life breakdowns to an acceptable level. I have tried stamping it out altogether and it just doesn’t work! However, before anything productive can occur, I need to gather as much invisible energy as possible by first watching all the tricks that play-out upstairs. I have to be aware of the cumbersome-schemes that usually catch me off guard.

With psychological refinements firing at record speeds, things get busy fast. This previously untapped quiet-commodity widely known as ‘letting go’ (widely known but mostly misunderstood), allows an energy beyond the realm of thought to naturally sift thru and discard 99.99% of my junk, leaving the most valuable content behind to use or execute in my everyday life.

A Gold Mind

Mind Scrapping or Hacking (deciphering the bugs from our conventional psychological network) brings to the table a fresh optimisation from a lifelong harvest of information to help restore order. Today, I’m no longer on a conquest to gain more and more knowledge. I’m not interested in becoming better, feeding the same old habit of always refining myself. Rather, I’m simply culling the bulk of what has already stained my psyche.

Knowledge is power to many. But it can also  burden others in an overload. 

Next, we’ll visit our commonly used terms list. This detailed ‘Get to know…’ list explains a few popular terms used throughout the network and it will help build our bridge.

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