Now Tone It Down & Break It Down

However, to keep things simple and sound and to not drift further into the world of out-there-ness, which I love to do at times, I’ve now broken down the Human Mind-Brain Combo into two types of people that cover this planet. And yes, I understand there is a big book telling a story and categorising a squillion different behaviours and traits into reasons and labels, etc. But I’m stepping back into the parent directory and dealing with the one broader scope that is relatable.

Conventions, and the finer details, they can stick to the professionals or to those minds who are better equipped to know these ‘ins’ and ‘outs’.

Our two classes divide into The Majority & Minority (so simple).

Human Mind Types

1) The Majority/General, the ‘Herd’, covering roughly 90% of people. Aka, the everyday folk. Plus, I’ve also included the less-sensitive or narrow-minded in this group (until we divide into 3).

And 2) The Highly Sensitive contained in the minority, found in 10% or so: Aka, the slightly out there, or the ones with a screw loose, etc.

Every so often nature slaps the current arrangement with a sizeable challenge, producing those who can by default pick up and potentially translate information from a Greater Range or Broader Field of Reality.

Broader Field In a Nutshell

It is an invisible spectrum/wavelength to conventional measures, possibly, another dimension.

Unfortunately, in up to 80 or 90% of cases, the medium’s behaviour gets weighed down by untranslated/unprocessed static.

This, in turn, both limits their options in life AND places a higher demand on the surrounding herd. At which time, a Mindware Update, like this, could help.

The broader Reality
So many signals…

Explaining the Mind-Brain Combo

Today, I see the Brain and Mind as one complex. But if I were to break it down, the brain is the physical manifestation, and the mind is the multidimensional aspect, as non-physical information layers in with the physical, or perhaps vice versa.

Science says that the brain creates consciousness, while Religion and Spirituality say the opposite. But I’m not fussed in either way, so long as my surface contents get emptied at the start and end of each day (and 90% in the middle).

Emptying my mind
Ahh. Much better

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