My Secret Principle

Without question, my biggest motivator of all time was extreme fear. Thankfully, that downgraded into a weaker system (though it left a mark). After a line of troubling behaviour escalating from a kid, this ultimately led to my downfall/explosion I’ve been touching on throughout this website. Ok, who am I kidding? It’s riddled everywhere!

My God then put me in another room with other delinquents and special people. 🙈

In the funniest of ways, off I briefly went, to a psych ward for the first time. I got sent to a specialised timeout corner!

EXCEPT, the stay was only brief in Calendar Time terms.

Perceived Time, on the other hand, was a TOTAL different story. This state dragged on phenomenally loud and amplified (A LONG TIME via an unconventional justice system).

I’m still catching my breath today!

In 2010, my potent mix of behaviour ended up hitting the nail on the head and society unconventionally excommunicated me thru a secret back door. Which, also, felt like forever since landing inside a Severe Time Compression Field, a warp that turns a minute into a much longer frame.

It Was Full-Fn-On

Basically, I became next level unwell in a matter of days, and tripped hard without a clear end date, landing in a nuthouse.

It got creepy, fast.

Inside my head was a dark force, unlike anything ever experienced. I kept trying to differentiate the real events from delusion, but it was tough since it all appeared so phenomenal.

In short, I felt I was at the end of my road, and everyone turned against me.

Lee, there’s no one here to help you. Expect only bad things from now on!

I’ve always come back from a dose of drugs regardless of the concoction back in the day. But not this time. I got booted out the space and time that we all know, or at least to the outskirts where I only just managed to grip onto something. This odd speciality or God’s delicacy for me turned life upside down. No one could ever anticipate such a change of scenery.

Whatever entered my system in 2010 packed a punch I wasn’t ready for.

To put in perspective, over five calendar years (I wasn’t in a ward for anywhere near that long), I experienced a quarter of a century, which is why I’m still out of synch.

So naturally, I’ve been tidying up the secret back door, on the low, so I don’t end up back there again. Or I am to feed others in instead, if that’s what it takes to gain firm ground.

Here’s Another Explanation of What Happened in Terms of Fields and Energy

I also felt I veered to close to a monster black hole.

But instead of being spaghettified, I translated pivotal information at the very last minute. I slingshotted out onto another trajectory at hypervelocity while some other body of mass I got entangled-in, tore apart.

Therefore, my God took the other bad me or most of him and his trail (as ‘one part’ of a binary system got sucked in), and he left the healthier one intact for everyone today. 😇

Though be warned, a few neutrinos have hung around.

Either way or scenario, I’m just happy that right now, my signal’s clear! 📡

Consequently, it’s taken immense mental and emotional exhaustion along with crucial contrasting space (slowing the up & downing over the years) to undo the magnitude of what I got myself into. And even with most of my mess cleared up, this undoing is still underway. I’m still dissolving remnants that I feel tight around my head and neck.

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