More Odd Challenges

A heads up, I write crap below. The type you’ll either find fascinating or never go near again.

A Long Distance Call on My Very Last Dollar

Without getting into specifics, I played with the underground throughout my 20’s and conditioned myself destructively. Then, by the time I hit 30, I thought I’d had enough, so I tried pulling the pin. Which, incidentally, messed with something much, much deeper, and I deservingly got stung.

Following on and in a bad way, I had no choice but to scan the periphery with every ounce of my looking power for help. In utter desperation, I had to get back onto ANY track, except, for the one, I entrenched myself in since disrupting a bitey nest that didn’t like a broken system.

Also, conventions (who didn’t like being bent of place), weren’t impressed with me at all for the trail I’d left behind. Yet they too had their hands tied in this complicated situation! So there was an angry nest along with the rule of law/conventions with a new headache, and me in a crippled way.

Immediately, I was frowned upon as a new threat carrying a trojan, and also a severe pain in the butt living in two worlds of paperwork. From here, I entered a new phase of double lives that I certainly wasn’t ready for! It’s a pickle like none other when bouncing between an invalid on the one end, to a shark on the other. Talk about being lightyears up and down!

This odd life hiccup is exactly why I tiptoed in and around my community ever since; why I changed my ways today (most of them). I landed in a unique situation that completely sucked because I knew I stirred a bigger pot than anticipated; I messed with the big boys from another angle.

To Get Me Thru My Hard Time, I Used an Affirmation

Just stay in the light, Lee. Whatever little glow there is.

However and luckily within this tight psychological enclosure that eventually antagonised because of an ACTUAL PAIN in the neck and head from years of condensed fear that turned into anger, came the solution. From years of ongoing higher bio and neurochemical activity that altered every aspect of me while the majority of people had no idea, something answered my call.

Odd Help From Abroad?

After toying with death on more than a few occasions, I soon realised, I’m equipped with things way beyond my comprehension. I was born with a built-in sorcery system and somehow, its next level ‘activated’, to help me out of most of my hole.

A prime directive to survive stronger influences within the community (and inside my head) enacted deeper functions. Don’t ask me how, precisely, but I’d somehow gear up and call upon various mediums from both within the gates, and beyond. Until finally, I made my way to where I am now.

And if it weren’t for my previous clandestine skills that started off at 8 years old, I definitely wouldn’t have made it this far today. So thank you, God!

Although, if I hadn’t the need for all the secrecy earlier, I’d be on another course altogether.

** My God allows constructive criticism

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