Taming the Cogs With a Greater Energy

To understand how the Deeper Taming Energy works, I turn my attention to IDEATION, in both myself and others. I watch the processing of ‘thoughts’ in general.

If left unchecked, constantly processing thoughts in exchange for heightened sensation puts unnecessary weight on my conditioning/psyche, it’s that simple! Growing up, they told me, I only had one life, which I now know holds no fact! How do we know that’s true?

Naturally, under such belief, why not cram as many of these thought things in as possible, while I’m here?? Because it won’t happen again.


I’m a once-off freak of nature!

However, this perception is only possible after a squillion conditions are met.

In a BIG BIG BIG vast void of emptiness, what else is there to do EXCEPT to create conditions and perceptions out of condensed gas!

Meaning, life, was ALWAYS meant to be! It’s only the lengthy processes leading up that suggest otherwise.

In my mind, when I play with positives, I get stung with negatives, back and forth. Obviously, most can manage the split in a convenient divide, or without too much bother. But I’m not most. So, what I need instead is a little space in between to catch a quick breath or two, to start backing off.

You see, I’m now aware that polarity will have its day if I don’t pull up on my habits soon. My investment into re-running stories, refining images over and over for a greater outcome or potential experience to occur, or really, for more tastier psychological conversions, does none other than create a complex system of belief.

Complications occur when letting conversions from ideas and ideals run overly wild.

Without Brakes

When there’s no slowing or releasing my thoughts, I hold little discipline when processing and ultimately exhaust my positive into a negative. It’s LAW! But I’m also not suggesting that I use the brakes of thought, either, by pushing things away, as I now clearly see that countering/resisting only adds more story on top of the ones already playing.

Whatever the story, it is still my unreal world taking energy unnecessarily!

Instead, only from a firm understanding as to why I should cease each movement, by seeing the detriment in both the continuance and suppression or by redirecting my thoughts with others, will I finally have the vital energy needed to release the bulk of my dirty thinking. Therefore, it is a simple matter of negating.

Previously, more thought was always the answer in my old way, and I couldn’t stop myself no matter how hard I tried! On autopilot, I’d chase the perfect refinement that would hit the spot in the fastest and easiest route.

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