The Backward Revelation

When I looked DEEP into society’s ‘forward programming’, something amazing happened; my life changed.

Ever since I started being aware of my awkward conditioning or the higher idling sneaking up from over-using my memory, and regardless to whatever justifications each demand/urge carried on about, which only topped more fuel on my fire by JAMMING ME conventionally forward where I got further stuck, things changed. This insight, even though it felt utterly backwards or against the grain at first, was the only tool or discipline that helped me unwind as I kept watching on.

You see from here; I genuinely wanted quality and not quantity to prevail, so I knew I had to drop everything previously taught in terms of diving-in and moving forward. If there were to be any real chance of long term benefits, I’d have to put the majority of my recollections aside as part of an unheard-of psychological diet.

Today, my mind has, in a sense, gone into hibernation compared to that of yesterday — saving energy. This understanding technique relied on all my life is now laid to rest.

A once toxic love in overboard learning I was so ingrained in, has gracefully moved most its cloud out from in-front of my seeing energy and I’m not as blinded from unravelling the next piece. In either, physical or psychological processes.

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